Shark Skateboard Wheels Review

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Pros: New Design, Great Performance, Very Fast & Smooth
Cons: Heavy, A bit Expensive

Without wheels skateboards and longboards would not be what they are, they would be simple boards (for surfing maybe?). Wheels are what actually vital segment of every skateboard and longboard is. Not because that because wheels we would not be able to skate but because without quality wheels our boards would be soon nothing more than a scrap metal. For this particular reason wheel manufacturers have to find out some new ways and use new technologies so that they can bring to their customers the best wheels possible. Some of them are doing a better job than some other. In this article we will be talking about shark skateboard wheels. We will say something about them (what are they, what are they made of) and try to give our readers a perspective on the overall importance of wheels in a board.

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So let’s get started then.

What is shark skateboard wheel and who manufactured it?

First of all, we need to say that Shark Wheel, as company is based in Orange County, which is located in California (US). The main job of this company is producing and manufacturing of Shark Wheels. What is the big deal with Shark Wheels, someone may ask. Well the biggest deal with Shark Wheels is that an average Shark Wheel is made of one or many three-dimensional sine waves, which other wheels do not have, because they are manufactured from different material and in an entirely different way. But before we go to the details of manufacture, let’s say something about the man who came up with an idea of Shark Wheels in the first place.

A man who invented Shark Wheels was David Patrick. An idea hit him while he was trying to design a different wake turbine, which was actually sort of a ‘spin-off’ from his primary research. This sine wave design that Patrick came with, worked great for the turbine and during its testing Patrick deduced that sine wave has a great potential to be used in water, wind and any other generators of energy that are entirely renewable.

Instead of being circular, it was square-shaped and it still rolled

This is precisely what happened to Patrick on one day when he accidentally dropped the Shark Wheel. Even though it was square-shaped it still rolled just like it would if it was made in circular shape. Not that the wheels rolled, but they rolled very smoothly, just like any other ordinary wheels would.

So how is that possible?

Well, the thing is that single (or multiple) rings, which are interlocked in Shark Wheels are based on sine wave patterns, meaning that they create much smaller contact patch between the wheels and the surface (pavement or any other) if we compare that with any other ordinary wheels of the same size. Not just that but apparently these wheels offer a lot less resistance when rolling (less ‘grip’) and thus that they offer much faster ride. And last but not the least, the name of the wheels (and the name of the company) came from the wheel’s shape, which look a lot like shark’s jaws.

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Now when we said something about the wheels in general, let’s say something about their popularity and whether is new, square-shaped ‘look’ any good.

Tony Hawk used them, and the man knows what is great

Overall popularity of Shark Wheels is not only good, but it is great and it is still rising, which is also great and which means that the users definitely recognized the quality in these wheels. When I first looked at Shark Wheels, the very first thought that came to my mind was “is it even possible to skate with this?’’ and the answer is that not only that it is possible to skate but it is possible to skate much faster than with regular, ordinary wheels. I do not know if some readers know who Tony Hawk is. There are many skater video games bearing his name (“Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’’), which means that the man is one of the best skaters in the world and that his name definitely means something in the world of skating. Well, Tony himself used Shark Wheels. I do not want to say that his opinion is more important than any other opinion (although maybe it should be). What I simply want to say is that- if a skating world champion uses these than they must be, not good but awesome.

And to be honest- what makes this new design to be so popular?

Well, according to what skaters say, they like speed and the fact that with Shark Wheels they get exactly that what they like- more speed. With regular wheels there was simply too much ‘grip’ and boards would go slower than they do with Shark Wheels. Speed, combined with skill means more tricks and a lot better performance that it is possible to do with the ordinary wheels and not only that. Shark Wheels are also very suitable for rough terrain (especially those I will talk about a little later on), which is not exactly the case with ordinary wheels, which could easily slow down or even get damaged, thus putting skater in danger.

Third- do not they look awesome? I mean, who could not wish to have Shark Wheels? They are available both for skateboards and longboards.

Elements of Shark Wheels and their Features

As we already said above, the main feature (and the main element) of Shark Wheel is their three-dimensional sine wave, which looks like a shark’s jaw. This sine wave shape is actually a hybrid of both spherical and cubical appearances, with the properties of both shapes. These properties are best seen when in motion. And thanks to its shape and appearance Shark Wheels seem to simply roll-over any obstacle that is on the way. And thanks to the comment of Tony Hawk, we found out that these wheels could be excellent when skating downhill.

If we look at, for example Shark Wheel Mako Longboard Wheels 70mm, 80a wheels, we will see how ordinary Shark Wheels look like, because these Shark Wheels embody everything we talked about: they have sine wave appearance, they are manufactured for speed, skateboarding and are especially good at rough terrain.

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Shark Wheels – wheels of the future?

Is Shark Wheels representative type of how wheels will look mostly from now on? This is still hard to say. But if we look at statistics, we will see that, for example, Eric Palmer managed to achieve 4th place in Miami Ultra-skate 2014, while using Shark Wheels and that Casper Grette achieved 1st place in the Kongsberg Downhill in Norway also by using Shark Wheels. This suggests that these wheels could definitely bring revolution to the skating world or that revolution has already begun.

All in all, Shark Wheels, besides great and innovative design, will surely enable even more to do for all skate enthusiasts and honestly- I am looking forward to see more and more Shark Wheels in ‘everyday’ use. They are available for everyone to buy (Amazon, for example), so- are we ready for Shark Wheels?