Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Review

  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Affordability
  • Fastness
  • Smoothness
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Pros: Lightweight & Druable, Very Affordable, Smooth
Cons: Catches rust in rain, Average Trucks and Wheels

Sports always hold a very important place in any human being life, without sports our lives would have been much dull and boring. In the older times people preferred to play outside and have different activities but now with the invention of electronic gadgets all these outside activities are fading away, skateboards were once very famous sports people used to love this and these boards were also being used as the transport medium.

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But the good news is that this sport is still in fashion and people still love this sport. Skateboards are also known as long boards and adults and children use it alike for different activities, many races are being done using these boards, young people use them for going to their schools and colleges. These long boards were once a fun way for traveling down the hill and this downhill racing was considered to be a favorite sport.


The quest super cruiser longboard is designed with much care to provide you with full protection, the material being used in its design is quite a tough one and very hard or almost impossible to break to prevent you from falling down. The basic materials used in its construction are very strong wooden planks, fiberglass or bamboo.

In most of them, a mixture of bamboo and strong wooden planks are used to make them stronger.  These all things are joined with bearings, nuts and bolts of high quality to make your skateboard strong during fast speeds of traveling, below these long boards some wheels are also being provided, which are again of high quality and are fixed tightly so that maximum protection is being given to you.

In their construction truck bushes are also being used so that minimum friction is being provided and the skateboards roll away softly on the roads, with them another advantage of foot pad is also given so that so foot remains fixed at a point and there is no chance for you to slip away while going on the quest super cruiser longboard.

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With all these maximum protections it is still always advised to start on a skateboard with a slow speed and increase your speed with time slowly, it will give you a smooth and safe ride. Many people who start with the fast speed at first are most of the time seen injured.

As A Transportation Medium

One of the basic advantages of Quest Super Cruiser is that it can be used as a medium for transportation, not all the time cars are available for you and it is not possible to give away the cars to younger people and it is not also possible that you are there for them every time so the best way to provide them with a safe and secure means of travelling is to give them a skateboard and teach them how to use it. Students and young children can use them easily for going to their schools and colleges.

Today these boards are available in different shapes and sizes but all of them are made with proper care. The innovation in the shapes and sizes are because of the study and research in how to make the Quest longboards safer and light weight, so all the available shapes in the market are the best ones to choose from.

The most important thing is to guide your children about the rules and regulations of the road before giving them these skateboards to ensure their maximum safety and protection. One of the best is Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo longboard as it is made from pure bamboo and is very tough and hard for rough traveling.

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They do consist of plastic material but this material is still the best one available in the market right now. The foot pads being provided in these skateboards are very much comfortable to provide you with the enjoyable and comfortable ride.

Technical Features

The deck of this skateboard is formed of superior quality and the huge deck is ideal for beginners in this field. The massive deck offered enough space with quality comfort. And no doubt the maple deck which is designed with superior art and beautiful enough with abstract designs will be more attractive and stylish.

  • The dimension of quest super cruiser artisan bamboo has 10” width, 44” long, 5.5” of height with few pounds of weight
  • Wood, plastic, aluminum, polyurethane are the material used
  • Lightweight aluminum with 7 inches of rugged trucks
  • 10 inches of massive deck
  • It has wheel hardness of 80A


If you are looking for best brands in the market that provide you with the best possible ride then Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Skateboard is a good choice. This bamboo longboard is very popular and ideal in the market today. With the super most sales of million longboard worldwide, they are light weighted, comfortable and most important the material used in them is of excellent quality to offer super comfort ride.

It is one of the best cruising longboard with amazing features, technical data, size, weight. We are very pleased with its performance and recommend it well due to its material and increasing popularity worldwide.