Which is the Best Slalom Longboard?

Slalom longboarding has evolved from slalom skating which has been very popular in western countries for a very long time. At the core of it slaloming  is an art that is very similar to carving technique with the difference that in Slalom, skaters put obstacles like seismic cones or small stones in their path and weave in and out to test their skills and to enjoy the game.  From the past several years it has become very popular and an addictive longboarding technique. To avoid any mishap in the game slalomers decide to make their game non-competitive and follow the disciplines of the game.

Seismic cones used in the game are of good quality flexible fiber, it makes them durable and long lasting. They are tall enough so that your longboard decks do not get caught by them and are of vibrant colors so that a skater can see them easily. They come with holes on their top so they can be tied with rope to each other to be put on the sideways, however if they are put in the progression of a path the rope is not tied and are put at equal distances.

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Slalom longboard decks are usually standard size and it has been seen that many slalomers are using small sized decks for speed purposes. It is always recommended that the choice of accessories for your decks should be as follows; wedged trucks, soft bushings, enough risers on the board and soft wheels. The above recommended accessories make your ride smooth and help you achieve good speed. Whether you are starting or a skilled professional always wear preventive gags for utmost safety. In the beginning cruise in safe areas and small hills or less sloppy roads, after all prevention is better than cure. Below I have sorted the best slalom longboards for you.

Looks and Performance: Sector 9’s Hot Steppa

Sector 9’s Hot Steppa is a very unique longboard, the looks of the board are very good and its vertically laminated bamboo makes it a tough board. The bushings and wheels of this surf board are very soft and it is one of the best boards for slaloming racers whether they are novice or skilled professionals. The price of Hot Steppa is quite affordable compared to other slaloming boards available in the market today. If you love slalom longboarding you will definitely want to have one in your rack.

Stability, Performance and Quality: Fullbag’s Red Baron-Hybrid

Fullbag (Red Baron)Red Baron-Hybrid, Wow! What a deck. I just love this longboard and the reason is that it is the best slalom longboard and I don’t have words to explain its features. Its Performance is awesome and it has always proved itself a winner in the race. Its company Fullbag has got many awards for this product and they have continually improved it without compromising its quality. It is very stable and shakes very less while on the road. It is an expensive deck and if you have deep pockets then you can be the proud owner of this robust slalom longboard.

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Stability, Performance and Quality: Sk8king’s Axe II Ultimate

The strong contender of Red Baron is Sk8king’s AXE II Ultimate, performance wise it is not behind and is a proved stalemate. The quality is topnotch of the deck and surfers also love this longboard, because they know that the two products above don’t have rivals in the field. I recommend it for the advanced skaters and for people who are ready to pay handsome amount to own it. The owners of it are also considered proud owners because it has changed the face of slalom longboarding, by providing excellent performance and remarkable speed and stability.