Which is the Best Mini Cruiser Longboard?

Longboarding has become a vastly popular sport today; longboard manufacturing companies always remain busy in shaping and reshaping their products with an aim to make better and more user’s friendly stuff. Longboards have evolved as the most popular fragment of skateboarding and has also opened the doors to experiment with the size and shape of skateboards.

A mini longboard is such an evolution of the experiments done by the companies and is also known as short-board. A Mini Cruiser is a version of mini longboard that is used for cruising purposes and has features like light weight, easily transportable, small size, etc. It has been seen that demand for cruiser longboards is getting a vast increase not only in pro skaters, but also in the beginners and the predictions say that it will continue in the future. Longboard is a tough ride and takes time for getting used to it, once the person learns its basics it becomes difficult for him to not spare time in his day’s schedule for longboarding.

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Suggestion for Newbies

Longboard decks come in different sizes, shapes and brands and have different uses; they may have kicktail or pintail or even flat shape, but as a novice, it is important for you to know that width and wheelbase should be your utmost preference rather than length, one more crucial thing for you is that in order to learn skateboarding, you should go out, buy a longboard and start playing with it. I might sound a bit straightforward, but I promised to tell you what will work and what will not. If you sit at home just discussing about longboarding, you will reach nowhere, instead you have to go out and bear the pain to learn it. As a kid learns to walk on its feet by falling many times, similarly no one can learn any sport just by watching , everybody has to follow the learning curve, inherited by that sport.

If you are searching for the best mini cruiser longboard, the first thing you definitely have to check out is its size; usually boards below 32 inches come in the category of mini boards. The secondary things to consider are the type of their material, their shape, quality of their trucks and wheels, size of their foot pedals, etc. To help you rolling in summer, I have just got what you need – a list of some of the best mini cruisers of my choice, here you go!

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Affordable, Light and Sturdy: Yocaher’s Mini Banana Cruiser Complete

If you are looking for an inexpensive, light and sturdy cruiser then Yocaher’s Mini Bana Cruiser Complete is a perfect choice. It is a very small (just 27 inches), kicktail style longboard that is good for getting around town. When you are in college and want to cruise around campus, it is quite easier to take a shorter one than lengthy longboards of say 38 inches or more. It is an extremely light weight cruiser board and easily transportable that looks very cute. The supplied truks are good quality 5 inches aluminum based and are easily adjustable according to your needs. For beginners the wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and bushings of this complete longboard are smooth, soft and strong enough, but advanced skaters might want more durability and smoothness and for them I would suggest Bones Reds bearings, bigger wheels of around 70 mm and Khiro quarter inch bushings, this combination will provide good speed and stability especially during turns. The build quality of the deck is above par and is durable 7 Ply good quality Maple that is painted with clear varnish. It comes in different colors, but the natural wood looking deck is what you will love to own. Overall it is a little, strong and decent longboard that will be a choice of cruisers forever.

Affordable, Good Looking and Strong: Sector 9’s Soup Bowls Bamboo Complete

Sector 9’s Soup Bowls is a mini bamboo cruiser that is built for cruising down the streets and campus. It’s also a small sized longboard and is just 28.5 inches in length. Its 5 Ply vertically laminated Bamboo makes it very light weight and environmental friendly. Its small size makes it easier to be taken anywhere without any hassles. The graphics of Sector 9’s boards are always very stylized and appealing to the eyes, this mini cruiser also has cool looking, high quality graphics that gets everyone’s attention easily. Its trucks are 8.375 inches Gullwing Mission 1 trucks that are made of high quality rugged aluminum and are very strong. Its 61mm Soy Compound wheels are very soft, good for cruising; however the company should have supplied bigger wheels of around 68-70mm for more stability and smooth ride. The ABEC 5 bearings that come with this board are very smooth and durable. It comes with clear grip tape and has half inches flat recycled risers that are perfect for its virtuous performance. It can be a good choice for a novice and skilled skaters and for people looking to buy a budget board of a big brand.

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Affordable and Comfortable: Quest’s Fishtail Cruiser Complete

Quest’s Fishtail Cruiser is an awesome board that is good for cruising around town. It is a quite cheap and affordable mini longboard that is worth its price. It is light in weight with just 5.6 pounds that comes with 7 ply all Hardwood high quality Maple deck in a very small size of 27 inches. This skateboard is a very good performer that goes really fast with just one push. It is meant for beginners as well as for professionals and proves itself to be a smooth ride for them. The supplied rugged 6-inch aluminum trucks are quite durable and its 70mm PU wheels are quite soft that provide stability for a long time till their lifespan. However the supplied attachments are good quality, the professional skaters can take advantage of the sheer power of this mini longboard by tweaking it according to their needs like by changing to more sturdy trucks and smoother bushings. The biggest advantage of this mini board is its size; it can be put conveniently in a locker or a backpack. The fish tail with slight kick tail provides safety over hazards and contributes ease in riding. Overall it can be considered a complete package of style, comfort and affordable cruiser longboard.