What are the Best Longboards for Cruising?

Cruising is not different from carving and is supposed to be usually done on plane areas like even roads or little sloppy but smooth hills, however these days surfers can be seen doing cruising on rough roads and steep turns of risky sloppy hills. The longboards for cruising are quite different from normal skateboards due to the fact that they are meant for long journeys, people these days are mixing carving techniques in their cruising styles. Now days you can see surfers weave in and out of whatever obstacles they find in their path like people, lampposts, parked vehicles, etc.

One important rule of cruising is that to pick up speed you have to bend your knees and crouch down and to slow down you have to stand straight up, it is like giving your body an aerodynamic shape that cuts wind and gives you thrilling speed.

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My suggestion to you is to practice in safer areas first until you are comfortable with any technique and always use precautions and safety wears like helmets, knee and elbow pads, good shoes, gloves, etc. Safety gear is the most important part of any sport because hazards don’t come knocking your door. Always try to practice in some guidance; it is better to be safer than sorry.

Below are my picks of three best longboards for cruising. I have sorted these among others because I have tested a lot of other boards and have come to a conclusion that these are one of the best available in the market today for cruising purposes. These are smaller in size and if your concern is speed and stability, you will find no other longboard brand equivalent to their features.

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Build Quality and Performance: Arbor’s Shakedown Koa

I love Arbor Collective’s longboards and the reason is they are just master longboard manufacturers. Their cruiser collection is also just awesome, I know a lot of people might disagree from my point as there are many good companies out there who make good longboards, yes there are many good manufacturers, but it is my personal love for this company. They have engineered their boards with unprecedented art, Shakedown is an example of their expertise and must say its build quality and performance is incomparable. You will fall in love with this board. It is also priced just right and its high quality Maple and Wooden built will give you impression of the proud owner of premium longboard for cruising.

Affordability and Performance: Globe’s Chromantic Cruiser

Globe is a very decent Australian manufacturing company of longboards and it is there since 1994. Globe’s Cruiser collection is quite impressive, you will that all of their collection is in vibrant yet cool looking colors. They have made these to stand out in the market and their products are very well standing them out from the crowd. If you are fond of designer looks then this company makes good longboard of your choice. Chromantic Cruiser is a very remarkable longboard, I like it due to the kick tail that looks like the tail of a fish and I love its colors too. Performance wise it is a very strong contender, also its size is very unique not very long not too short. You will indeed praise its features if you own it.

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Affordability and Stability: Santa Cruz’s Sugar Skull Pintail Cruzer

Wow Santa Cruz a company that can also be said to be a master longboard manufacturer. Their Sugar Skull Pintail Cruzer is very popular in curising style boards. Pintail boards are also very good for stability and this board is also in affordable price range. If you want to improve your balance when you stand on a board, this longboard will really help you achieve your goal. It picks up speed also due to its pin tail at the end of the board. You will definitely want to add it to your collection. You will also love its retro styled look of the deck and it will become your proud owned product.