Best Longboard Suits Guide

Best Longboard Suits GuideIn our previous articles we talked about protective gear. We discussed important thing that every customer should know about longboard elbow and knee pads, about gloves, helmets and crash pants. In this article we will talk about the best longboard suits.

Let’s begin.

What is longboard suit?

Longboard suit is type of protective gear that is used for protection of human body. This means that longboard suits are not only used for protection of groin and ‘behind’ area of human body (even though there are protective pants, which primary use is precisely that). Instead, longboard protective suit is used for protection of the entire body of its user.

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Explanation of the Factors

What is longboard suit made of? ‘Types’ of longboard protective suits

The most important thing for every protective longboard suit is to provide the best protection for its wearer as possible. This means that longboard protective suits have to withstand every challenge, every fall or impact without breaking and/or tearing apart. To enable that and to make sure that a longboard suit will not tear apart and sustain any considerable damage, manufacturers have come up with an idea that their protective suits need to be made of material that will be flexible, resistant and that will not worsen your performance. To make that kind of protective suit, manufacturers knew that plastic alloys are not an option and that they need something a lot more durable and with higher quality. That is why many manufacturers make their protective suits out of leather, Kevlar or even special Visco foam. Sure, not all protective suits are made of the same ‘kind’ of leather and not every protective suit has Kevlar in it, but every decent protective suit has some sort of leather protective sheet that will ensure that the suit will not tear up so easily, guaranteeing its longevity, durability, mobility and optimum protection.

Just as we mentioned above, protective suit usually includes covering of the entire body of its user, but that is not always the case. In some sports and/or activities people do not need and do not want ‘full body protection’ and instead focus on protecting some body parts, such as legs, groin area, elbows and head. People that use protective shorts for example, need special and extra protection that shorts will grant (usually skaters and in-line skaters), while people that need ‘full body protection’ and covering of their entire body in protective suit (usually cyclists) need such protection that will ensure that they have both optimum protection without any significant influence on their mobility and performance.

Another important thing about protective suits, other than material they are made of is their ability of translucence and the fact that human body, especially when doing some workout, sweats a lot. That is why it is vital for every protective suit to enable to its user maximum air flow, which will then refresh its user, enabling him to perform the best he can.

Now when we discussed something about practical use of longboard protective suits, material they are made of and their common use, let us talk about several types and models of protective suits. Below we will talk about models of protective suits. I will review characteristics regarding of their use, their price, color, sizes, material they are made of and some other factors that are important for knowing which longboard protective suit will be the best for each customer.

Let’s get started then.

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Our Choice of Best Longboard Suit

Let’s look at a product that is out there in the market and is available on Amazon, so you can check it whenever you want. The one that we have chosen can be considered as being the best skateboard suit that is available today, so it is definitely worth checking it out.

Best Protector: NJK Leathers Skateboarding Suit

NJK Leathers Skateboarding Suits come in more than five different colors and in four different sizes (four, seven, eight and nine).

Before we say anything more about protective suit, you need to know that NJK is leading manufacturer of Downhill Skateboard Racing suits for more than twenty years and that every person who won on Downhill Skateboarding World Cup wore one of NJK leather longboard protections suits. Perfect combination of experience and innovation led NJK to be the best when it comes to protective suits today.

What is so special about NJK longboard protection suits? The secret is in leather. Every NJK protection suit is made of cowhide leather in 2.5 ounce (1.5 inches) thickness, which guarantees to every of its user maximum protection and comfort.

Every millimeter of leather is drum dyed which then enable richest and the most durable colors that there are. NJK protection suits use singly ply leather in most areas, except the areas that are prone to contact with ground. This means that knees, elbows, shoulder, hip and rear areas have second layer of leather, which will ensure excellent durability and protection from abrasion.

Another great thing about NJK protection suits is that they use Kevlar and to be precise Stretch Kevlar, which is used throughout every NJK product. Kevlar will enable every user maximum amount of flexibility, protection from abrasion and also have lightweight breathable panels. These lightweight breathable panels are in the crotch area, behind knees and also from armpits toward wrists, so that you can be sure that when you wear one of NJK protection suits, your body will be refreshed and always ready for action.

When we consider pads, then it is important to say that NJK protection suits have pads that are made of medium density closed cell foam in 3/8 inches thickness in knee areas, elbow areas and in the back. These medium density cell foam pads are pliable and protective and offer optimal amount of protection while, at the same time, allowing maximum flexibility and aerodynamics.

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When we talk about lining, then we need to say that all NJK protection suits are lined with nylon and polyester mesh, which will absorb sweat and which will act as a buffer between wearer’s skin and the porous back of the leather. Every zipper is genuine YKK brass zipper with locking and non-slip slides. These non-slip slides will never unzip by themselves, which will means that you do not need a restraint snap or Velcro on your zipper.

Last but not the least, before you decide to order one of NJK protection suits, be sure to read through the measurement form and the explanation. That way you will avoid all the unnecessary confusion and prevent yourself from ordering a protection suit that will not suit you.

NJK Leathers Skateboarding Suit is available now on Amazon and if you are considering ordering highest quality protection suit, then make sure to check NJK. You will do yourself a favor.

In this article we talked about protection suits and that makes our protection gear ‘drive through’ over. I sincerely hope that you learned something new and that this article, along with previous ones, will be of great help for you when you consider buying some protective gear for yourself and/or someone else.

Regardless of whether you need gloves, a helmet or if you need longboard elbow or knee pads, you demand optimum between the highest possible quality and reasonable price and I believe that in this article and in other articles of mine you will find an answer to your questions of what product to buy.