Best Longboard Strollers Guide

Best Longboard Strollers GuideHave you ever heard of strollers? Of course you did. But have you ever heard of longboard strollers, a combination of common children’s strollers and a longboard? If your answer is ‘no’, make sure to read this article.

First time when I saw longboard strollers, I thought to myself like ‘’what is this’’ and ‘’is this thing real’’. Do not get me wrong, I totally like a combo of child’s strollers and a longboard, but before I knew what a longboard stroller was I must say that I was a bit skeptical. Like, ‘’how can this be of any practical use, I mean, what about that child inside of those strollers, what will happen if you drive longboard stroller too fast?’’ But even though these questions are understandable, after several moments of reading through several articles about what a longboard stroller is, I soon realized that my worried are a bit silly. Because when you know how a longboard stroller can be both practical and safe and even if you maybe are not a skateboarder, you will soon wish for it to buy both for yourselves and your beloved ones.

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Explanation of the Factors

A longboard stroller is a modern way of skating plus driving your kids to… well to wherever you want. Just make sure you do not try to go down the half-pipe, because that can be, well… unpleasant. It is actually both modern and urban solution for a new generation and with longboard strollers you can cover greater distances and do that in sporting, ecological-friendly and fun way. Since a longboard stroller is somewhat still in its development stage it is important to note that there are still certain things that need to be perfected, but regardless of that a longboard strollers are cool and very innovative way and offer fun, sport and all that in an eco-friendly way, something which was almost impossible to see. Until recently, that is.

An idea of longboard strollers came from Quinny. Guys from there came to a conclusion that streets of Europe need to be a bit more exciting and thus a longboard stroller came to life. To have a longboard stroller means to pleasantly cruise through the town with your kid by riding a longboard and at the same time, to have your kind on your close eye! Imagine how great could that be? And you do not even need to be a professional sportsman and/or to know how to skate. All you need is a longboard stroller and a wish for something innovative and completely new. Because with a longboard stroller you can explore your city and travel a lot faster than you would on foot. And not only that you will be able to travel faster, but your kids will also enjoy the ride! Just make sure that they do not ride, because that could also be unpleasant.

Now when we said something about longboard stroller in general, let’s say something about several longboard strollers that there are on the market. Let’s discuss about their characteristics and differences that there are between each of longboard strollers that you can buy.

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Best Longboard Strollers List

Below is a list of one of the best longboard strollers available in the market, later we will pick our choice of strollers that will make easy to choose the best of the best for us.

Our Choice of Best Longboard Strollers

Let’s look at several products that are out there in the market. Some of them are available on Amazon, so you can check them whenever you want. These are considered as being the best skateboard strollers that are available today, so it is definitely worth checking them out.

ImageCompany & Product NameMaterialAttachment or Stand-AloneOverall Rating
ImageCompany & Product NameMaterialAttachment or Stand-AloneOverall Rating
Quinny (Longboard Stroller) Deck: Premium Quality Maple Wood,
Toddler Push Chair: ABS Plastic and High Quality Aluminum
Strooter (The Stroller Scooter For Adults)Attachments: High Quality PVC & Steel,
Deck: Lightweight Wood
Orbit (Baby Sidekick Stroller Board for Strollers G2 and G3) Attachements: High Quality PVC & Steel,
Deck: Lightweight Wood
Englacha USA (Plastic Board Rider)Attachements: Steel,
Deck: PVC
Baby Jogger (Glider Board)Attachements: PVC
Deck: PVC
UPPAbaby (PiggyBack Ride Along Board)Attachments: PVC & Steel,
Deck: Lightweight Wood
Bumbleride (Mini Stroller Board)Attachments: PVC & Steel,
Deck: Lightweight Wood

Tough & Comfortable: Quinny Longboard Stroller  

Quinny Longboard Stroller, even though it is fairly new product in the market has gathered lots of attention. As its name suggests, Quinny Longboard Stroller, is made by Quinny. What else is great regarding this skateboard stroller?  Well, Quinny Longboard Stroller has a new and easy folding system and with its new rugged tires suitable for smooth and rough terrain, which are never flat will ensure that your pleasant ride through the town becomes even more pleasant. Quinny Longboard Stroller, unfolds easily, which means that you do not need any special knowledge for folding and unfolding it thanks to its hydraulic system, also it is extremely easy to use. This longboard stroller has reversible and reclining seat made of extremely comfortable and cushioned fabric, which gives a view toward everything that is ahead. This means that your kid can be driven facing the world. The protection bar for the kid is very strong and keeps your child protected from falling. Tailored, durable materials on the updated basket provide the perfect space for your gear. Quinny has developed it using best longboard accessories from world renowned companies like ABEC 11, Tracker & HLC for smooth and long lasting ride. With your kid in the basket you can ride it at the speed of 18 km/h, it can be hazardous at such speed, but don’t worry the company has given particular attention to its braking system which is excellent and advanced.

It weighs 11 kilos and recommends that the rider’s weight should not be more than 100 kilos and the child should be between 1 to 15 years. An important instruction by the company is that this longboard stroller is intended for European territory use only and is not recommended to use in other parts of the world, which could be a little disappointment for many riders, but rest assured, Quinny is working on its design to make it work for other countries also.

Till then you can try 2015 Quinny Buzz Xtra Stroller for your child and feel maximum coziness and total freedom!

Eco-Friendly: Strooter – The Stroller Scooter For Adults

Strooter – The Stroller Scooter for adults will turn your stroller into a scooter in no time! That way you can ride your stroller like a scooter! The Strooter is easy attachable onto your urban stroller and thus it instantly transforms into an adult scooter that looks and feels so cool! This is a perfect way for cruising together with your family, because with Strooter you can easily keep up with your kids and thus keep them safe. But that is not all! With your Strooter you can save a lot of time and go whenever you want to go much faster that you could on foot with enjoying the ride! What previously looked like a distant trip is now an enjoyable cruise, which is also good for your health and eco-friendly. The Strooter weigh 4 pounds and its dimensions are 32 x 4.5 x 6 inches and maximum allowed weight is 225 pounds.

Try The Strooter now and enjoy your ride!

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Safe & Strong: Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board for Strollers G2 and G3  

This stroller is designed for a bit older children and with its unique, skateboard-like position, means even more fun and joy.  Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board for Strollers G2 and G3 is super easy to attach and remove and its side position allows parents to walk freely without stubbing their toes. It also flips and locks out of the way when your kids want to walk. If you thought of its safety measures, then you will be pleased when you read that Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board for Strollers G2 and G3 is made of ‘’orbit green’’, which is PVC and phthalate-free-materials. This means that Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board for Strollers G2 and G3 is eco-friendly to its maximum.

Also, bear in mind that this longboard stroller has maximum allowed weight of 50 lbs (which is 23 kg). Exact weight of Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board for Strollers G2 and G3 is 4.4 pounds and dimensions of this product are 19.7 x 14.6 x 20.01 inches.

Buy Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board for Strollers G2 and G3 today and see for yourself why this longboard stroller had earned five out of five stars on Amazon through no less than fifty customer reviews.

We have come to an end of yet another article. In this article we talked about something that maybe some of you have not heard of, a longboard stroller, but as you could see for yourself, even though it is still fairly new it seems that many people accepted it with no problem, because it offers safety and it offers joy both for you and your dearest ones.

Stay tuned for our next articles.