Best Longboard Stickers Guide

Best Longboard Stickers GuideHello, hello, hello! And welcome to another article!

This time we will be talking about longboard stickers.

If you wanted for your board to look the coolest why not trying some stickers? Surely, board stickers are not the most common ‘gear’ if I can call them that, but they will add to your board that unique and recognizable appearance that will make your board to be absolutely special!

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Explanation of the Factors

If you read my previous articles then you already know that one of my previous articles was about longboard lights as another gear that will make your board to look cool. Stickers are more or less the same and they serve for more or less the same purpose. When you put a sticker to your board it will immediately remove that boring, plain look and will add an identity to your gear. Don’t you want from your gear to look unique? Don’t you want from your gear to look special? I think that you do. And that is why you should read this article. Because in this article we will talk about why board stickers are also important for your gear and how can a longboard sticker make your longboard to look even greater that it already looks.

When you decide to buy and to put a sticker to your board, first thing you want is to make sure that it does not drop off easily (if ever). That is why there are better and those stickers that are not so good. It is not that they do not look cool and all it is just that fall off after shorter period of time. There are a lot of types of stickers available on the Internet, but below we will talk about only the best and the coolest stickers that there are on the market today.

Let’s continue.

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Best Longboard Stickers List

Below is a list of one of the best longboard stickers available in the market, later we will pick our choice of stickers that will make easy to choose the best of the best for us.

ImageCompany & Product NameMaterialSun Protection & WaterproofOverall Rating
ImageCompany & Product NameMaterialSun Protection & WaterproofOverall Rating
Diageng (Random Styles Vinyl Stickers)PVCYes4.1
Youareking (Vinyl Skateboard Stickers)PVCYes4.2
Xpassion (Random Pattern Stickers)PVCYes4.5
Sedeta (Skateboard Vinyl Stickers)PVCYes3.4
Skenoy (Random Mix Stickers)PVCYes3.7
StillCool (Skateboard Vinyl Stickers)PVCYes4.0
Aboel (Random Skateboard Stickers)PVCYes4.5

Our Choice of Best Longboard Stickers

Let’s look at several products that are out there in the market. Some of them are available on Amazon, so you can check them whenever you want. These are considered as being the best longboard stickers that are available now, so it is definitely worth checking them out.

Cute & Visible: Diageng Random Styles Vinyl Stickers

Diageng Random Styles Vinyl Stickers, are 6-12 centimeter sized stickers that are made of PVC and come 100 in a Pack. There is a whole bunch of different styles available for you and depending on the package you get a random style. Stickers are cute and visible, so if you want to have sticker of your favorite console or for example ‘’I Heart U Tiffany’’, it is no problem- you can have it and for an affordable price.

Each of these longboard stickers has sun protection and is waterproof, which means that these stickers will not fade and/or fall off even after prolonged use. Every sticker is brand new and how will you stick each of these (and where) totally depends on you. Shipping weight of one package is 1.6 ounces and these stickers come in 4.7 x 4.7 x 0.8 inches dimensions.

Diageng Random Styles Vinyl Stickers have earned four out of five stars on Amazon. One other thing that will confirm the quality of these stickers is that there are more than five hundred customer reviews on Amazon… makes you think.

So – try your Diageng Random Styles Vinyl Stickers today and make your board even cooler than it is now!

Multipurpose: Youareking Vinyl Skateboard Stickers

Cool name you may think and… you will not be wrong. But did you know that with one package of these longboard stickers you get FIFTY stickers of different colors, sizes and styles?!

Size of one sticker is from six to twelve centimeters and material is again our good, old (not literally old) high quality PVC. Each of these longboard stickers is sun, dirt, mud and water resistant, so if your longboard gets dirty or wet and you have one of these stickers on it, you do not have to worry. They will stay on your board firmly glued. But besides on your longboard, in-line skaters, rollerblades or strollers, you can easily put one (or more) of these stickers on your car, suitcase cellphone or even on your computer! S-grade Stylish isn’t it?

So why not getting a package of your Youareking Vinyl Skateboard Stickers today and add to the world around you even more style?

Sixty customer reviews and four out of five stars on Amazon guarantee that customers were more than satisfied with these stickers. If they are satisfied, I am sure that you will be too.

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Cool With 3D Look: Xpassion Random Pattern Stickers

Xpassion Random Pattern Stickers come in a pack of one hundred stickers and whichever style of stickers you are going to get is completely random. Made by Xpassion, these stickers come in even bigger variety than the previous two I talked about above and besides that, they come with special cell-shading effect, which gives your sticker special 3D look. So if you put a Superman on your board, it will almost look as if you really have a small 3D Superman glued to your board! Okay, It will not, but still- 3D effect, which these Xpassion Car Stickers Decals Pack 100 Pieces Bumper Stickers Random Patterns offer is so very cool that if if you are not a big sticker fan, these babies will make you think twice.

Xpassion Random Pattern Stickers are available on Amazon today, so hurry up and check them while you still can. Last time I checked they were still in stock, but according to what customers say (and they say they are great!), I would not be surprised if these stickers would be soon left out of the stock.

This article was a bit different than previous articles because here we talked about stickers as another way of making your ride even cooler that it is now. I hope that you learned something new about stickers and that this article made your sticker-decision-making a bit easier.

Stay tuned for our next article and until then- stay cool.