Best Longboard Racks Guide

Best Longboard Racks GuideHello again and welcome to another article about accessory of safety gear!

This time we will talk about longboard racks. And we will not be talking about just any longboard racks, we will be talking about the best longboard racks that there are. But before we do, let us say something about longboard racks in general.

First of all, longboard racks are not exactly protective gear as we think protective gear should be. Protective gear needs to protect something from…well something else. Usually protective gear protects its wearer (or user) from some external influences, such as water, dust, dirt, bruises or impacts. Longboard racks are not exactly used for protection, so before we continue I would like to say that longboard racks are used for preserving and not so much for protecting. But since preserving something is similar to protecting something then we can talk about longboard racks as a protective gear.

Now when we cleared that up, let’s say something about longboard racks in general, what is their use, what are they made of, etc.

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Explanation of the Factors

In order for them to be able to hold all those skateboards, wakeboards, longboards and other boards, a high quality longboard rack has to be made of some sturdy and endurable material. You do not want from your rack to break after you put your favorite seven skateboards on it, right? Well to make sure that will not going to happen, rack manufacturers came up with many creative ideas on how to make a longboard rack to be stable, strong and not to use too much room. Thus, most of high quality longboard racks are made of special ABS plastic, wood or metal. Which one are you plan to use is entirely up for you to decide. Logic will say that metallic and wooden constructions are a bit heavier than those made of plastic, but also wood and metal are more endurable than plastic, which means that if you decide to buy wooden or metallic longboard rack, it will definitely last longer. That, of course does not mean that those longboard racks that are made of plastic are bad. It simply means that wood and metal are stronger materials than any ‘kind’ of plastic.

When we consider size of a longboard rack, then it is important to say that longboard racks come in several sizes. It really depends where are you going to put it, whether on the floor or on the wall.

Now when we said something about longboard racks in general, let say something specific about several models of longboard racks. These racks that we will talk about are considered as top notch of longboard racks that a market has to offer.

Let’s continue then.

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Best Longboard Racks List

Below is a list of one of the best longboard racks available in the market, later we will pick our choice of racks that will make easy to choose the best of the best for us.

ImageCompany & Product NameMaterialMount ForOverall Rating
ImageCompany & Product NameMaterialMount ForOverall Rating
Storeyourboard (Skateboard Rack) ABS PlasticWall4.3
COR Surf (Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack)Natural Eco-Friendly BambooWall4.6
Pro Board Racks (Skateboard Floor Display Rack)Medium Density FiberboardFloor4.8
Pro Board Racks (Longboard Wall Mount)Pacific Southwest RedwoodWall4.0
Del Sol Racks (Skateboard Rack)High Quality HardwoodWall4.3
SkateHoarding (Skateboard Wall Hanger Mount)Hight Quality ABS Plastic BaseWall4.6
Skatehording (Premium Skateboard Wall Hanger Display Mount Rack) Solid Canadian Maple Wood BaseWall4.4

Our Choice of Best Longboard Racks

Let’s look at several products that are out there in the market. They are all available on Amazon, so you can check them whenever you want. These are considered as being the best skateboard racks that are available today, so it is definitely worth checking them out.

Lightweight & Versatile: Storeyourboard Skateboard Rack  

Storeyourboard Skateboard Rack is a medium sized skateboard rack and is very affordable, which means that it comes with low price. Also it boasts with its lightweight and versatile design. Storeyourboard Skateboard Rack can hold only three skateboards, which also means that this rack is in smaller size. Also, this rack is good for holding razors, scooters and rip sticks and for other gear too! This means that on this rack you can put skis, your snowboard, water skis and similar gear.

Durable & Affordable: COR Surf Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack  

Cor Surf Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack is best used for storing skateboards, since it is pretty small in size. Simple design and easy-to-install are the best features of Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack. According to altogether twenty and eight reviews, this skateboard rack had earned an outstanding score of five out of five on Amazon! Another great thing that this skateboard rack is in stock, so you do not have to worry that you will have to rush to get it.

Also, as its name suggests, Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack is made of a bamboo that is both natural and eco-friendly, so you do not have to worry that you will endanger the environment by using it either. Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack is meant for storing your skateboards, while at the same time, it will keep your home classy and since it is not cumbersome like some other models, it will not take too much room. Its bamboo back will prevent dirty wheels of your skateboard from touching your wall, which means that you will not have to worry that you will mess up your walls. Even though Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack seems small, it is still suitable for all skateboards and even longboards or penny board. With your Cor Surf Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack you will get your mounting hardware included too, so if you, at some case do not have appropriate tool for mounting your skateboard rack, it is okay, COR is there for you.

Last but not the least, every COR product comes with a lifetime warranty and 100% money-back guarantee. Buy your Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack! Keep your home tidy, prevent all that tripping and buy yourself one of these bamboo-made, eco-friendly skateboard racks today! Available on Amazon!

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Truly Pro: Pro Board Racks Skateboard Floor Display Rack

Pro Board Racks comes in several different variations. It comes as Skateboard Snowboard Longboard Floor Display Rack (The Pro) and as Skateboard Longboard Snowboard Floor Display Rack (The Cascade). Main difference between the two is that Cascade version looks different and thus you place your skateboards, longboards and other boards differently than in The Pro version. Everything is more or less the same. Both of these longboard/skateboard racks are also easy to install and even though they are considerably bigger than our bamboo friend, they also offer much more space for storing your boards. On The Pro you can easily put up to seven boards, while on The Cascade type you can place altogether eight boards for your everyday use.

One of really the best things for both of these board racks is that there are no screws necessary, or any other hardware. You simply need to fit the grooved cross beams together and that is it. Both of The Pro and The Cascade are tip-top when it comes to style, class and function as the whole thing will fit together in just four pieces and two cross beams with grooves will let you to snap your favorite board together in a minute or two and before you know it, there it is. Your Skateboard Floor Display Rack (The Cascade and/or The Pro) is ready to use! If you do not believe me, then check these babies on Amazon and see for yourself. Five out of five stars as an overall score on Amazon only shows the true quality of these skateboard/longboard racks! Get them today, they are both available on Amazon!

In this article we talked about skateboard racks as another part of protective gear. Even though this protective gear is not intended directly for personal use, it is still protective gear, because with this you preserve our equipment, such as longboards and skateboards. Stay tuned for our next articles!