Best Longboard Nuts and Bolts Guide

Hardware shape and length is completely dependent on the type of board you get, how thick it is, and if you plan on using risers or not. Having extra hardware on hand is always a good choice as well!

Hardware is necessary to attach the truck assembly to the actual skateboard deck and comes in sets of 8 nuts and 8 bolts. Most common size of hardware is 7 by 8 inch for use with no risers and 1 by 8 inch risers. These sizes of hardware are sufficient to assemble most skateboard set-ups. If you are using riser pads with a height larger than 1 by 8 inch, then longer hardware sets may be required. Use a 3 by 8 inch socket size tool which change hardware. In order to fit all needs, bolts come in 3 different lengths: 2. 5 cms, 3 cms & 3.5 cms. Bolts are standard Phillips (also called star) so they can be adjusted by using any Phillips screw driver or T-tool.

The longboard, as its name suggests, is an elongated that allow you to travel swiftly and smoothly where you want to go. Board, Trucks and wheels are no good if you do not have bolts to put it all together. And make sure you get the right length for the thickness of your board, trucks and risers. It’s important to get the right size and kind of hardware for your board.

Most of the longboard will start with a 1.25 and move up through the sizes based on thickness of deck and riser pads. If you have trouble in choosing hardware, just add up the dimensions of your trucks, risers and deck and choose the set that’s within the right length for you. Longboard hardware holds the trucks onto the deck. They are in sets of eight countersunk bolts and eight lock nuts. These packs provide superior quality skateboard hardware, straight from the source. This hardware pack even comes with some entertainment.

The brakes fit any longboard and can retro-fit your existing board. They ride like any normal truck retaining the regular sliding abilities. Also turning and Pushing are not affected by the brake. Even you can use your existing longboard wheel. If you are not sure about the shop you are purchasing from, make sure to bring a bolt and nut from any other set of standard hardware to make sure everything fits correctly. Nothing is bad than needing to change longboard nuts and bolts or tighten your hardware to find out that the tool is not deep enough for your ginormous hardware.

Longboards come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs, models, etc. When reading about various deck features and deck types it can be hard to cover your head around what these features can actually do for you as a rider, every single longboard deck is going to regardless of brand or type of board.

There are various basic types of defining longboard truck mountings. Mountings change the way the rider puts bargaining chip over the trucks and will changes the way the rider turns the board. These changes can feel by rider in their feet. Steel bolts for mounting your trucks to your longboard with riser pads, check the measurements if unsure, riser + thickness of deck + truck.

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Board, Trucks and wheels are no good if you do not have bolts and nut to put it all together and the longboard was designed with downhill skateboarding in used as a sort of cowardly and silly compromise between biking and walking. They are more frequently found on city streets and on college campuses. The selection of a longboard is especially important since the trucks that will allow you to turn as well as keep your wheels properly attach to your board. There are many attentions for the trucks for your cruising longboard. Fortunately for someone who is just getting involved with longboarding, the variety can be made very simply. The best way to select trucks for your cruising longboard skateboard is to choose trucks that are closest to the width of the deck. Having a truck that is close to the width of the deck will allow for proper selection of wheel variety and a consistent ride wherever it is you are headed.

Nuts and Bolts are hardened steel and last forever if you use them properly. When you tight the trucks to the deck is better than to strain the bolts and just hold the nuts. This way all strength you apply does not make the star in the nut to notch.

Colored truck bolts are a good way of changing the look of your trucks, so they have every sort of colours. Of course, you might be modifying your board for high performance, and you covered there too. Stock tempered steel truck bolts will help to make sure your board keeps it together in the most demanding situations.

Nuts which are steel made with a nylon lock so you can be sure that your hardware will not get loose by itself. You should not use again Nylon Nuts as they will come loose if used again. The Nylon nuts is only once use.

There is one thing all riders should know: should check their nuts. Stand over the table realizing that a bearing is seized or a nut is shot is an eventuality; it’s going to happen. Hopefully we figure it out while the deck is on the bench and not by a wheel flying by you down the hill. As nuts and bolts are not rigid perfectly, but stretch slightly under load, the distribution of stress on the threads is not uniform. Indeed, on a theoretically infinitely long bolt, the first thread takes a third of the load, the first three threads take three-quarters of the load, and the first six threads take actually the whole load. Bolts and Nuts keep your board together. It is important to get the right size and right kind of hardware for your board. Button hardware will protect the wood from splitting but Cross head hardware will loss into the board so you do not feel the hardware under your feet And Bearing Spacers lock your bearings together to prevent slop and provide for a faster ride.

Board has for those who build boards or have a blank deck, Redrilling template is designed to help you modify the wheelbases, the two bomb cut outs and allow you to see your centerline when drilling. Once you have tightened the bolts and nuts on the trucks, flick your longboard over its frontside. Make any adjustments to the trucks if needed, determine which length and head are best for you. To make sure go for a ride on your longboard that it is smooth and the longboard trucks are tight enough.

Longboard trucks effect the turns of the wheels. Tightening the trucks makes turning a little harder. Certain longboard tricks require the longboard trucks to be looser at times than others, but you will need to tighten your longboard truck for your normal riding. Riding your longboard over long time will cause for your trucks to get lock.

Now the true work begins as you must discover a drop through template that does, is right your takes. Many of us are aware of the fantastic what size of Screw, Nut, Stud, fastener, bolt? Silverfish also has a useful drop template here. Improvisation will be needed based upon what trucks you are attempting to drop-through. We cannot compare a nut with other nuts and for bolts; we can compare a nut with bolts. The size for any nuts used or needed, specifically crush nuts. Also keep in mind that if a Nut is smaller than a Bolt than Nuts is fit only for bolts smaller than B. Similarly if a Bolt (B) is smaller than a Nut (N) than N is fit only for bolts smaller than B.

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Size of longboard nuts and bolts

Mounting Nuts: Number 10-32 nut with nylon insert use 3/8″ wrench

8mm Axle Nuts: 5/16 nut with nylon insert use 1/2″ wrench

Kingpin Bolt (For a Reverse-Kingpin Truck) 3/8-24 bolt (length 2.5 to 3”)

Kingpin Nut: 3/8-24 nut with nylon insert use 9/16″ wrench

Barrel Bushing Flat Washer Size 5/16″ inner diameter x 1″ Wide x 1/16″ thick washer Might be called a “Fender Washer”

Cone Bushing Washer Size 5/16th inner diameter X 7/8″ Wide x 1/16″ thick washer Might be called a “Fender Washer”.

For your reference we have made a list of best longboard nuts and bolts that will help you choosing the right hardware brand for your boards, here it is.

Best Longboard Nuts and Bolts List

ImageCompany & Product
Bolts Size (inches)HeadQuantity in PackOverall Rating
ImageCompany & ProductBolts Size (inches)HeadQuantity in PackOverall Rating

Sector 9 (Nuts and Bolts Pack)1", 1.25", 1.5", 2"Phillips84.7
Mini-Logo (Nuts and Bolts Pack)0.875", 1", 1.25" 1.5"Phillips84.7
Big Boy (Colored Nuts and Bolts Pack)1"Phillips84.6
Shorty's (Nuts and Bolts Pack)0.875", 1", 1.25", 1.5", 2"Allen or Phillips84.5
Lucky Bearings Co.(Nuts & Bolts Pack)0.875", 1", 1.25", 1.5"Phillips84.4
Bones (Nuts and Bolts Pack)1"Phillips84.2
Independent Genuine Parts (Nuts and Bolts Pack)0.875", 1", 1.25" 1.5"Allen or Phillips84.2

Our Choice of Longboard Nuts and Bolts

Selecting anything among many products is not an easy task, but because our readers are more valuable to us, we test every hardware and give correct review about what could be the best choice for your needs. From the above list we have selected our choice of hardware so that you can select them for best skateboarding experience.

Good Quality and Strong: Sector 9 Nuts and Bolts

Sector 9 is a very well-known company and every product they make is strong with fabulous quality. These high grade steel bolts come in different sizes and are pretty solid than normal hardware that come with most longboard or skateboard setups. The most important thing for you is to buy correct size nuts and bolts so they can hold the deck and the risers well. They come in Phillips head and because of their high quality their head lasts long while using a wrench tool or a screw driver. The company assures that these are rust proof and can be used on any longboard type. Overall this black colored hardware is our choice of recommendation for beginners as well as professional skateboarders not only due to its quality but also due to its price which is very reasonable.

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Durable and Affordable: Mini-Logo Nuts and Bolts

Mini-Logo nuts and bolts are very durable because they are made of finest steel. If you are looking for a good brand but at a cheap price these are for you. These bolts are painted with anti-rust paint that saves them from any rust due to climatic conditions or while their usage. You will definitely love them for their solid built and will choose them for your other skateboarding hardware also. At a very great price these are available in different sizes and can be used for long time without any problem.