Best Longboard Nose Guard Guide

Best Longboard Nose Guard GuideHello again! Welcome to another article about protective gear!

In our previous articles we talked about many segments of protective gear, such as the best longboard elbow pads, knee pads, the best longboard helmets, gloves and we even talked about protective suits and shorts.

In this article we will talk about another part of protective gear and that is the best longboard nose guards.

So let’s get started then.

What is longboard nose guard?

Longboard nose guard is protective sheet for skateboards, both for longboard ones and smaller products. Nose guards are used to protect skateboard from impact, precisely from impacts that come to skateboard’s nose.

Let’s say that you want to perform your stunts and tricks and that at some point, your skateboard ‘had lost’ a grip between your feet and itself. And before you know it, there it is, your skateboard, flying at lightning speed toward some concrete wall. What do you think that may happen to you skateboard? It could break apart and after that you could just take it and put it in a wall in a room as a souvenir and/or a reminder that this is not how a skateboard should look like. But damage really depends on the type of an impact that a skateboard sustained, but regardless of the impact, after it sustains it, your skateboard will, without proper protection surely be damaged.

That is why people use nose guards.

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Explanation of the Factors

Nose guards are special protectors that are (or can be) placed on the nose (as the name suggests) of your skateboard to enable higher degree of protection for it. And to make sure that both your nose protector and your skateboard will not break upon impact, there are several things to consider when buying and ‘mounting’ a nose guard.

First thing to consider when buying a proper longboard nose guard is that it needs to fit properly onto your skateboard. This means that there should be enough space between the nose protector itself and the nose of your skateboard, so that the nose protector enables maximum protection by absorbing maximum amount of force during impact.

Second important thing to consider when buying proper nose guard is that there are several types of nose guards and that not every grants ‘the same’ amount of protection. There are some nose guards that grand better and there are some nose guards that grant, not to say worse, because we will not talk about nose guards that are not good considering protection, but merely lesser degree of protection. The case with nose guards is that some of them are made of plastic and rubber substance. Those nose guards are usually a bit cheaper. There are also nose guards that are made of stronger alloys that enable more protection, such as eleven gauge steel for example. These nose guards are a bit more expensive, but offer better protection, better impact absorption and far better chances of survival of your skateboard or longboard. Which one will you use it totally depends on you and your style.

Now when we explained purpose and use of nose guards, what are they usually made of, bellow we can explain some models of nose guards. Models that we will review are one of the best nose guards that there are on the market, considering their price and overall quality.

Let’s continue then.

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Best Longboard Nose Guards List

Below is a list of one of the best longboard nose guards available in the market, later we will pick our choice of nose guards that will make easy to choose the best of the best for us.

Our Choice of Best Longboard Nose Guards

Let’s look at several products that are out there in the market. Some of them are available on Amazon, so you can check them whenever you want. These are considered as being the best longboard nose guards that are available now, so it is definitely worth checking them out.

Optimal Protection: Powell Peralta Nose Bone

Powell Peralta Nose Bone is a nose guard for longboards. Powell Peralta Nose Bones are available in several colors and are available on Amazon. That means that, immediately after reading this review, you can go to Amazon and buy one of these for your beloved longboard.

Let’s talk about the characteristics of this nose guard for a bit. First thing you will see when you observe Powell Peralta Jaw Bone is that it is made of special plastic/rubber material and that is easy to screw on your longboard. This means that you do not need to be a mechanic to know how to put it on your longboard or skateboard.

According to what users said about Powell Peralta Nose Bone, it is a decent nose guard and the fact is that its customer reviews can tell a lot to you. Its users say that one of the best things considering Powell Peralta Nose Bone is that it is excellent for grinding and stopping your skateboard or longboard, because thanks to Powell Peralta Nose Bone, you do not need to use a foot brake. If you try to stop by using a foot brake without previously installing Powell Peralta Jaw Bone on your skateboard or longboard, then consequences for your board would be that you would most certainly damage its nose.

It is both small and lightweight. It has weight of only 1.6 ounces and its dimensions are 7.6×3.5×0.7 inches. According to user reviews it has a score of five out of five stars on Amazon.

It is a great nose guard for those who do not seek for strong, cumbersome and maximum protection, but rather a nose guard that will grant them an optimal protection, thus not impeding them in their performance.

Buy your Powell Peralta Nose Bone today! As I already said, it can be yours for a very attractive price on Amazon.

Tough & Durable: Bombsquad Nose Guard

Bombsquad Nose Guard is a type of longboard nose guards that enables higher degree of protection. This nose guard is recommended only for longboards because it is a bit heavier and bigger that the Powell Peralta Nose Bone described above.

What is so great about Bombsquad Nose Guard?

First of all, it is made of steel. To be precise, Bombsquad Nose Guards are made of eleven gauge steel, which will enable that both nose guard or a longboard that it protects, do not sustain any significant damage, safeguarding them in the process. Not only that Bomb Squad Nose Guard is made of eleven gauge steel but it is also has epoxy gloss black finish, which combines high protection with class and style.

As I mentioned before, prior to screwing your nose guard to the nose of your longboard or skateboard, it is important to know certain trick that will enable that your nose guard enables maximum protection to your longboard or skateboard.

This means that before you put your nose guard on your skateboard or longboard, when putting a Bomb Squad Nose Guard, you need to allow 1/8 inches to 3/18 inches gap that needs to be between the deck and the nose guard. That way you will maximize the protection of your skateboard or longboard.

Bombsquad Nose Guards are available on the market in a wide variety of sub-types, such as Demonseed, Dropspeed, Hellcat, Dervish, F-Bomb, FSM and Killswitch. Each of these Bombsquad Nose Guards is meant for protecting on either nose of your skateboards and/or longboards, or at some other parts of your skateboard/longboards. For example, F-Bomb fits nicely the Bomb Squad F-Bomb boards, while Killswitch fits both at the top and drop through.

When we talk about prices of Bomb Squad Nose Guards, then we need to say that there is variety of prices on the market, especially if you want to buy them on the Internet. Then you can find these nose guards for 30 Euros, or for a price of $25 to $29.95. The price depends on many factors and each seller has his own price, but we will not discuss about that here, hence it is not our topic.

All in all, if you need high steel protection, then Bombsquad Nose Guard is meant for you.

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Ready For Action: Oberand Nose Guard

Oberand Nose Guard is another variant of strong, rock-like protectors of your boards. Oberand Nose Guard, just like Bomb Squad Nose Guards, is made of steel alloy that will grant your board the best protection that there is. The only difference between the Bomb Squad Nose Guard and Oberand Nose Guard is that Oberand looks a bit different, which suggests that you do not need to pay attention to the ‘gap’ between the nose of your board and the nose guard and that instead you can just put it, screw it and that is it. Your Oberand Nose Guard is ready for action.

Also Oberand Nose Guards are a bit cheaper that Bomb Squad nose guards. I was able to find them for $24.95 on several Internet sites and that is pretty affordable price, especially if you consider what good Oberand products will bring to you.

This is the end of another article about protective gear. Here we talked about nose guards for boards (skateboards and longboards) and we discussed certain factors about them.

In our next article we will talk about tail guards.

Stay tuned!