Best Longboard Helmets Guide

Best Longboard Helmets GuideDo you like driving a bicycle? Do you skate? Do you drive a motorcycle? Do you maybe do in-line skating (or ‘rollerblading’)?

I think that you all know why I asked these questions in the first place.

We humans are creatures that love to do all kinds of hobbies. And often because of our hobbies, we tend to get out on a fresh air, to enjoy the sunshine, whether we do that by simply jogging, riding a bike or something like that. And when we enjoy our hobbies, bad things tend to happen and more than often accidents occur. I do not have to say that each of us has only one head (duh!) on our shoulders and that this is another reason to protect it, especially from falls.

Because, trust me you do not want to ride a bike twenty miles per hour and then by accident, fall on your head without wearing any protective gear on it. It hurts and more than that, it could lead to some serious and permanent injuries.

Sure, we cannot prevent accidents from happening entirely, but we can do all we can to protect ourselves from sustaining any serious injuries. There are many protective gears available for everyday use. Some include protection for our legs and arms (like knee pads or elbow pads), while some include protection for what is the most important part of our body- and that is our heads.

So in this article we will talk about helmets as practical protective gear for everyday use, its primary purpose, materials that helmets are made of, et cetera.

Let us begin then.

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Explanation of the Factors

Just as you can easily guess, primary use for all helmets that are used as protective gears is for-protection of wearer’s head.

We humans used helmets as a protective gear for many centuries, all the way from Roman, Egyptian and many other empires. Helmets were used even since biblical times, through medieval times of knights, squires, kings and princesses, but then helmets did not have such a variety of use as they have today. In the past, helmets were used as a protective gear, but only in a war and for combat purposes. That means that before, people did not pay too much of attention to how their helmet would look like, would it be comfortable to wear and would it hurt too much if its wearer would fall to the ground. Then the primary (and only) use of helmets was to protect its wearer the best way possible from sustaining any major injury (and you would not like to sustain an injury when a sword hits you in the forehead) and that was it.

Nowadays we use helmets also for protection in warfare, but we will not talk about that ‘kind’ of helmet protection here. Instead, we will talk about protection that a helmet has to offer to its user in a sport, regardless whether that sport includes skateboarding, rollerblading, biking or whatever.

Let us talk about material that sport helmets are made of.

Most of helmets that are used for protection when doing some sports (whether you use skateboard helmets or longboard helmets) are made of some sort of plastic and/or rubber material of higher quality. Higher quality means better protection for its user. Some helmets (like, for example PROTEC Original Full-Cut Helmet) are made of special protective two-stage foam liners that will offer both commodity and extra protection. Precise type of protective alloy that each helmet has depends on many factors, such as price, size, type, etc. With more money you can have better helmet, but that also is not always the case. What type of helmet suits you best is up for you to decide, but that mostly depends also on several factors, such as what kind of sport do you do, because as we mentioned before, not all types of helmets provide the same protection.

Above we have talked about and tried to describe one of the best helmets that currently are in the market and that offer the best ratio concerning price, type of protection, type of protective alloy, size and available colors. Let’s check the sizing chart of helmets, it will help you choose the best longboard helmet for your needs.

Longboard Helmets Sizing Chart


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Best Longboard Helmets List

Below is a list of one of the best longboard helmets available in the market, later we will pick our choice of helmets that will make easy to choose the best of the best for us.

ImageCompany & Product NameSize (International Standard)Available In Different ColorsOverall Rating
ImageCompany & Product NameSize (International Standard)Available In Different ColorsOverall Rating
PRO-TEC (Original Classic Skate Helmet)XS, SM, M, L, XL, XXLYes4.6
Triple 8 (Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner)S, SM, M, L, XL, XXLYes4.5
Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer HelmetS, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXLYes4.3
Predator (FR7 Hybrid Helmet)S/M, L/XLYes4.5
Boneshieldz (Bomber Helmet)M, LYes4.2

Critical Cycles (Classic Commuter Bike And Skate Helmet)S/M, M/L, L/XLYes3.9
Bell (Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet) S, M, L, XLYes4.3
Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport HelmetS, M, LYes4.5

Our Choice of Best Longboard Helmets

Let’s look at several products that are out there in the market. They are all available on Amazon, so you can check them whenever you want. These are considered as being the best longboard helmets that are available now, so it is definitely worth checking them out.

Cheap But Tough: PRO-TEC Original Classic Skate Helmet

One of the best things about these skateboard helmets is its cheap price, which means that you can get one of these PROTEC Original Classic Skate Helmets without burning your pocket. That certainly does not mean that these helmets are ‘worse’ considering their protective characteristics. This simply means that there is a helmet of this type for almost every potential user. You can clearly see that when you go to Amazon. There you will see that these helmets are available in altogether sixteen colors and in six sizes (from XS, which is ‘super-small’ to XL, which is ‘super large’). This only means that manufacturers of these helmets pay great amount of their attention when trying to please and reach toward every customer. Something that is commendable for sure.

If you are interested in how these helmets came out, then you need to know that before PROTEC Original Classic Skate Helmets came to life, there was a lot of effort invested into combining two things that make these helmets top of the notch today and they are-its classic design and feedback of many users. Pro-Tec spent almost four decades listening to their users and perfecting their helmets to a degree they are today. And thanks to all that, we now have a high quality helmet with classic design, EPS foam protection, ABS shell eleven vents that will ensure that your head gets the circulation it needs to stay cool and dry. Besides that, these helmets boast High impact ABS shell that offers tough outer nut EPS foam that will absorb heavy impacts and all that with certified CPSC/CE protection.

Besides this version, there is also PROTEC Full Cut Helmet that offers even better protection to its users. It comes in a bit bigger price, but when you consider the type of protection that this helmet offers, then you will come to a conclusion that there is no such thing as ‘price too high’ when it comes to protection.

Check both PROTEC Original Classic Skate and PROTEC Full Cut Helmets today at Amazon for affordable prices!

Maximum Protection & Comfort: Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

This longboard helmet comes in altogether five sizes and in fourteen colors. Its price depends on many factors, but if you consider it more closely than you will see that the price is pretty much affordable.

Considering technical specifications of this helmet, it is vital to say that it comes in multi-impact design, which will guarantee that your head does not sustain any injury whatsoever. This type of helmet also comes with sweat saver liner and adjustable straps for maximum comfort and dryness. This means goodbye and farewell to sweating, eye blurring and that awful smell. Another great feature of this helmet is that it can be used for multi-purpose, which means that regardless if you are a skateboarder, biker or you do in-line skating, it does not matter. This helmet is perfect for you regardless of which sport you do.

A helmet for true and avid skate/bike/in-line skate virtuoso, Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet guarantees maximum protection and maximum comfort.

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Premium Quality: Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

These helmets come in two types: with and without flip visor. Which one will you choose depends entirely on your style and need. This helmet comes in a variety of six colors and sizes from S to X-large, XX-large and even 3X-large.

Bern Helmets are made of plastic alloy and of zip mold foam technology, which means that this helmet is much thinner than the usual EPS gray foam helmets. This will give much smaller size to it, regardless of its actual size. Helmet variation with flip visor will allow its users to easily deflect any type of small projectiles that may come towards them (such as dust particles, little pieces of rock and similar things), which will then maximize whatever a person does, whether that was skating, biking or something else. This helmet weights only two pounds meaning that is very light and easy to wear. The product can be shipped within the United States and if you look at the price on Amazon, it is a bit higher, but you need to know one thing before considering of buying this helmet. Bern Helmets are famous for its guaranteed total protection that each of their helmets grants to their users and that is why the price is a bit higher than the previous skateboard helmets.

Bern Helmets (with or without flip visor) is both for enthusiasts and for casual skaters/bikers/rollerblade athletes. Check Bern Helmets on Amazon today and you will see why these helmets belong to ‘the best of the best’ group.