Best Longboard Grip Tapes Guide

A longboard grip tape is a material made with a sheet of paper or fabric containing the adhesive type on one side while the surface similar to fine sand paper is on the other. Longboard Grip tape is applied to the top surface of a board to enable the rider’s feet grip on the surface and this would assist the rider or skater stay on the board while riding,

Most skateboard grip tapes are usually black, but you can still get them in different colors such as pink, yellow, checkered, camouflage, and even clear. You can as well make an offer for a custom grip-tape. Most times, the grip tape designs die-cut to give the board’s color as well as display the board’s company logo.

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Explanation of the Factors

The longboard grip tape is the gritty layer that makes it easier for the longboard gripping process. You can always replace them and this would help improve your skill, so it is highly recognized by heavy skaters as the best longboard grip-tape. The breakdown material of the longboard griptape alongside the brand, grit and particle size includes

24 grit: gator super coarse xc, diablo extra course

30 grit: older version of black vicious

36 grit: new black vicious, new clear vicious, gator grip coarse, thumb cutter

40 grit: red vicious, blood orange, diablo course belt sander

50 grit: loaded course (chubby unicorn)

60 grit: gator standard (colored), bustin

80 grit: jessup, mob, most street board grip

To get the most fun out of the longboard grip tape, you need to ensure its design as well as the whole grip tape meets your requirement, or you can request for a custom design. The longboard grip should be totally based on what type of riding you will be doing, and also your personal preference.

Generally speaking 24-40 grit is meant for fast free ride and downhill, whereas the 50-80 is best for slow free ride, technical free ride, freestyle, cruising, etc.

These generalizations are formed depending on the coarseness of the grip, and your choice of grip between the board and your shoes. The lower the grit, the better you grip – only if it’s wet, then it depends on the exterior coating, which can be different raging from one company to the next; but for majority of the parts, it is epoxy based.

To crown it all, grip-tape is based entirely on personal riding style and opinion. The truth is there is nothing like the “best grip tape,” it is only the best for your riding style. Your needs should be determined by how much grip is essential for your riding style and location on your longboard. If you are confused in making your choice, you can just go for the 40-50 grit, because with a middle range grip, you get a medium experience and happiness using them. Who knows, it might even be your choice of the best grip tape. Below is a list that will give you data about some of the best longboard grip tapes in the market, do consider it before buying them.

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Best Longboard Grip Tapes List

Below is a list of one of the best longboard grip tapes available in the market, later we will pick our choice of grip tapes that will make easy to choose the best of the best for us.

ImageProduct NameAvailable in Various Designs & ColorsSize (In Inches)Overall Rating
ImageCompany & Product NameVarious Designs AvailableSize (In Inches)Overall Rating
Grizzly GriptapeYes9" x 33"
9" x 9"
Mob GriptapeYes11" x 33"
10” x 33”
9" x 33"
Jessup GriptapeYes9" x 33"4.6

Black Widow GriptapeYes9" x 33"4.5

Black Diamond GriptapeYes9" x 33"4.5
Mini Logo GriptapeYes9" x 35.5"
10.5" x 35
Quest GriptapeYes10" x 48"4.5

Our Choice of Best Longboard Grip Tapes

Let’s look at several products that are out there in the market. They are all available on Amazon, so you can check them whenever you want. These are considered as being the best skateboard girptapes that are available today, so it is definitely worth checking them out.

Ultra-Light But Tough: Grizzly Griptape

Grizzly griptape is a homegrown California company with the mission of providing a premium boarding accessories for everyone. Using the grizzly grip-tape save your feet from the unpleasant feeling brought on by long hours of hardcore skating without you getting to lose your grip! You get the true Feeling of what it’s like to skate on a cloud. Okay, maybe not a cloud, but your feet will surely appreciate this cool ride. This soft grip tape mat is the perfect choice for you especially if you love skating barefooted.

Grizzly grip-tape is versatile and very easy to apply, all you need done is too just remove your grip tape, clean off the dirty stuff, peel & stick our soft grip tape mat onto your board, and then cut off the extra material. This won’t take you more 10 minutes! This non-slip grip pad also functions very well for surfboards, skim-boards, SUPs & boats. Dimension is 9” x 33″ (23cm x 84cm) in Gray, Black and White Color. Its company uses premium 3M adhesive directly from the source and marine-grade, ultra-light diamond grooved EVA foam. Its company guarantees that with its use the traction pads always get properly stuck on the longboard or you will get your full refund without any questions asked. With Grizzly griptape, you’ll surely get the best of skating experience!

Premium Quality: Mob Griptape

Mob Griptape comes in premium quality sheets of 10″ x 33” and 9″ x 33” in black color and are available at various price packages. This grip-tape features hundreds of barely-visible perforations that enable air to escape for a bubble-free application. The mob grip tape also has an Exclusive silicon-carbide grit binding process that protects it from wearing out.

It is made of waterproof material and assures high-strength and tear-proof backing that trims cleanly every time. Its company Mob Grip also ensures that this grip tape is coupled with a highly sticky adhesive that won’t peel in extreme heat or cold and guarantees its sturdiness. The Solvent based adhesive of the mob griptape sticks to any board to allow you to customize without limits while the high traction gives you full control anytime in use.  This grip-tape provides rock solid bonding to deck surface, effortless conformability, easy trimming without any fault of tearing, and superior durability for any form of use. Now you can perform all your tricks with confidence with this reliable and trusted brand.

Use the mob grip-tape to enjoy the fun in skating, save yourself from the fear of falling off your longboard and ensure safe longboarding.

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Long Lasting & Durable: Jessup Griptape

Jessup Griptape is an Original Skateboards grip tape that comes in sheets of 9” x 33”, in Black Color and long lasting material, The Original skateboard grip-tape provides rock solid bonding to deck surface, effortless conformability, easy trimming without tearing, and superior durability for professional use.

You can explore all your tricks with confidence with this trusted grip-tape. Its roll is made of silicon carbide grit with an aggressive adhesive that is designed specifically for the demands of the skateboard industry. It is used by skaters all over the globe because it offers maximum grip for ultimate riding control in the street or the skate-park.

This tape also consists of a solvent based adhesive which enables it to stick to any board and allows easy customization and provides maximum control during riding. This long lasting grip-tape also has features like firm deck surface bonding, high comfort ability, easy trimming process and of course usage durability.