Best Longboard Gas Pedals Guide

A gas pedal is basically a device which allows us to increase the grip of the rear foot. Before gas pedals, rails were created. There are two types of rails; Round and Sharp. Round rails are found usually on a short board, they help you make flip tricks easier and also make sure that the board is not compromised to aerial tricks. Sharp rails help you in free riding, downhill racing and other common performances. The only con with the rails is that they are prone to get chipped off while attempting to do tricks. Another form where the rails are cut flat for shoe to have more leverage is called a gas pedal.

Gas Pedals these days are used majorly for freeriding. They can further be grip taped for a firm contact and also to get sharp edges on the Longboard. Gas pedals are designed to help the rider with the performing of tricks like a stand-up slide and toe-slide. The gas pedal needs to be very accurate and hence, needs special care if one is doing manually. Many manufacturers now sell Longboards with pre-installed gas pedals. They will help you maintain firm footing if you face any kind of challenge while riding. It will help you easily climb over the hill and descend with a demonic speed, at the same time performing tricks.

Some gas pedals are designed today in a concave shape. This is the most preferred shape since it provides a great space and a curvilinear design for maintaining a high speed. The most common designs above mentioned are ‘U’ and ‘V’.The preference might be given to ‘U’ shape since it provides a wider area, but then again these are trick dependent parameters.

How to Choose Best Longboard Gas Pedal

Choosing the best longboard gas pedal for you is easy, always remember, a light deck is most suitable for this purpose. The best gas pedal is the one which has the exact amount of concavity, nothing less and nothing more. A perfect concave will not only speed you up, but also give stability. If your gas pedal is not in a proper shape, it’ll result in irregular dimension and every centimeter will affect the task you perform. A particular angle should also be maintained so that wheels and other accessories are properly functioning. An angle around 40 degrees just might do the job. Not only this, it can compromise your footing and if you are doing it manually, it can sum up your Longboard.

Some riders prefer to have brakes below the gas pedal. This is usually termed as ‘Brake Pedal’. These kinds of Longboards have pressure pedal brake. For example, if you have front brakes installed, then by leaning your toe forward and applying pressure on the front pedal brakes can be easily applied. Same goes for the rear brake system. While applying brakes one thing needs to be precisely taken care of, at high speed power brakes can make you topple, thus they should be applied carefully to avoid any accident. For your reference we have made a list of some of the major longboards with high quality gas pedals which are mentioned as below:

List of Best Longboards with Gas Pedals

ImageCompany & Product NameShapeRiding StyleOverall Rating
ImageCompany & Product NameShapeRiding StyleOverall Rating
Landyachtz (Drop Speed - GS ED)V-ShapeDownhill, Freeriding4.8
Original Skateboard (Apex 40 DC)V-ShapeFreeriding4.8
Arbor (Vugenhausen)V-ShapeDownhill4.5
Rayne (Dalua Piranha)U-ShapeDownhill, Freeriding4.5
Sector 9 (Gauntlet DHD)U-ShapeDownhill4.5
Stella Longboards (Dictator)V-ShapeDownhill4.5
All the products with gas pedals are extra costly, but as they say these perks come at a cost. After trying them one will find that it was worth the money spent. Amateurs are recommended to avoid the use of gas pedals in the initial learning phase. Later on, when they are confident and ready they should enjoy the extra fun. The tricks performed with the use gas pedals cannot be easily performed on a normal Longboard.