Best Longboard Brakes Guide

Best Longboard BrakesAlthough some of the very first versions of these useful gadgets were originally hand-brake devices, for the most part, longboard brakes are a foot pedal-activated, powerful braking system that is specifically designed to give a longboard skateboard rider more designated control, and are especially useful for downhill riding, which can be potentially dangerous.

The standard longboard is generally put together with a large number of mechanical parts and components; however, longboard brakes (a.k.a a longboard brake system) are not a standard piece of equipment that comes built-in with these components. If you want the added benefits and safety features of having a longboard skateboard brake system on your board, you will need to purchase a separate longboard skateboard kit.

Recently, there have been a number longboard skateboard companies that have shown up both on and offline, who specialize in building customized skateboards and longboards that come with built-in longboard skateboard brakes.

There are two major types of longboard skateboard brakes. One of them is a hand-brake devices. Hand braking devices, however, only slow the board down and these are neither the safest nor the best kind of braking devices for you to use with your board. They increase the chances of you being thrown from your longboard during the braking process, even if you lean back to try and compensate for the forward momentum.

The other type of longboard brake is a foot pedal-powered disc brake braking system, which is basically a longboard skateboard brake pad type of system. These have become more and more popular recently and the most popular and widely-known of and used longboard brakes are the Australian-made Brakeboard brand longboard brakes. These are most likely the best longboard brakes out on the market right now.

The foot pedal-powered disc brakes are basically built into the skateboard truck (longboard brake truck). The longboard brakes make stopping your longboard more powerful and controllable and also give the rider much smoother speed control when they’re riding down steep descents.

The braking mechanism within the longboard brake truck consists of two separate cone clutches. There is one clutch for each wheel. Each one of the clutches has an outer aluminum drum that’s lined with friction material (it’s basically a ring-shaped longboard skateboard brake pad) and a stainless steel inner cone.

The brake pedal itself is mounted onto the top of the rear deck and whenever the longboard rider steps back onto it, the two levers push the cones into the drums. The drums are connected to the wheels, and as the cones come into contact with the brake pads, the resulting friction slows the board down.

The longboards brake power is controlled by the amount of body weight that’s applied to the brake pedal. The urethane bushing that the brake pedal sits on regulates the downward force which makes for smooth braking that keeps the rider from being thrown off the board. The foot pedal-powered disc brakes are much better and safer longboard brakes than the hand-powered brakes.

POGO Brand Longboard Brakes 

Pogo Longboard BrakesFor some of the best longboard brakes you can get, you should try the German-developed POGO brand. POGO longboard brakes are a very easy to use foot pedal-operated longboard brake system, and they’re great for beginner longboarders as well. You control the POGO brake pedal with the heel of your rear foot. The pedal is at the center of the back end of the longboard deck. POGO longboard brakes can be mounted on any kind of longboard. All longboard brake system kits include an adhesive drilling template, and the friction pads can be easily replaced when they wear down.

Brakeboard Braking System

Brakeboard Braking SystemOne of the newest and most popular longboard brake system brands out right now are the Australian-made Brakeboard brand foot pedal-operated braking systems. The Brakeboard braking system can be purchased as an attachment or it can be custom made into a complete longboard with the brake system built into its design. The Brakeboard brand features an innovative design that is especially made for increased safety and control, and the pads can easily be replaced whenever they wear out.