Best Longboard Bags Guide

Best Longboard Bags GuideHello again! Welcome to yet another article about protective gear!

This time we will be talking about the best longboard bags that are there on the market.

First of all- what is a longboard bag in the first place?

Longboard bag is a bag which is specifically designed for purpose of protecting your longboard from dust, liquids and anything that can cause your longboard to lose its primary characteristics. And nobody wants to have longboard that is wet and with rusty wheels, right?

That is why there are longboard bags. And not just for that! There is a variety of reasons why to have a longboard bag in the first place and after you finish reading this article, I am sure that you will know how to differentiate good longboard bags from the best longboard bags. And we will be talking about the best longboard bags after all.  However, before we start talking about the best longboard bags there is something that I would like to clear out and that is that in this article we will not be talking about longboard backpacks and that there is a difference between longboard backpacks and longboard bags.

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Explanation of the Factors

As I wrote above, there are many reasons for you to have a longboard bag. First of all, longboard bags will be of use for  if you are a skateboarder and reason for that is simple- the best way to protect your longboard is to put it in some bag. But that bag should not be any bag. If you have intention of buying a longboard bag, then there is something for you should know. Besides for protection from dust, rain, filth and many other outside influences, longboard bag can be used for transporting your longboard. Let’s face it- longboards are heavy and cumbersome and it is a lot easier to just put it in a bag and then carry it then to carry that monster in your hands. Practical use of longboard bags is truly big.

Flexible yet strong!

When we analyze the material one high quality longboard bag is made of then we will find all kinds of materials that one good longboard bag is made of. Most high quality longboard bags are made of special polyester alloy that is both flexible and resistant to scratches and outside influences. Some of the best longboard bags are made of special 600D nylon fabric, metallic enhancements and have special heavy-duty strap. This way you can be sure that your longboard bag will remain on your shoulder no matter what you do. Unless of course if you take it off. There is also a difference between certain types of longboard bags in what they can ‘offer’ to you. This means that some longboard bags have some extra pockets and/or a pouch or two for you, while some other do not. Whichever are you going to buy totally depends on what type of longboard bag suits you best.

Now when we said something about the material, purpose and practical use of a common longboard bag, let us review some of the best longboard bags that there are on the market.

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Best Longboard Bags List

Below is a list of one of the best longboard bags available in the market, later we will pick our choice of bags that will make easy to choose the best of the best for us.

ImageCompany & Product NameMaterialAvailable In Different ColorsOverall Rating
ImageCompany & Product NameMaterialAvailable In Different ColorsOverall Rating
Sector 9 (Field Bag)Highly Durable PolysterYes4.6
YUNEEC E-GO (Custom Skateboard Case)Water Resistant NylonNo4.4
Whiptide Carve Board (Travel Bag Carrying Case)Highly Durable PolysterNo4.2
YoYo Store (Skateboard Carry Bag)Durable NylonNo4.0
Cooplay (Skateboard Carry Bag)Durable NylonNo3.0
Tera (Skateboard Carry Bag)High Quality NylonNo2.7
KLOUD City (Skateboard Bag)Durable NylonNo1.8

Our Choice of Best Longboard Bags

Let’s look at several products that are out there in the market. They are all available on Amazon, so you can check them whenever you want. These are considered as being the best skateboard bags that are available today, so it is definitely worth checking them out.

Tough Yet Light: Sector 9 Field Bag

First longboard bag that we will review is Sector 9 Field Bag. This longboard bag comes in two varieties, Sector 9 Field Bag and Sector 9 Field Bag in Camo. The main difference between these two models is the fact that Sector 9 The Field Bag in Camo has a helmet pouch and outer board straps, which enable better and even easier transporting. Sector 9 Field Bag comes in two colors- Gold and Camouflage.

Material which Sector 9 Longboard Bag is made of is 100% polyester, with 100% metal buckles and with 100% nylon straps. This longboard bag can be converted from a travel bag to a backpack, which means that is has one extra feature! How great is that?

Also, Sector 9 Field Bag has entirely removable inner carrying case and its straps are removable, which enables its multiple configurations. Size of Sector 9 – Field Bag is 52×11 inches and if you order today, it will come with free shipping!

Make haste! Order this skateboard bag and see for yourself why Sector 9 is famous when it comes to protection.

Spacious: YUNEEC E-GO Custom Skateboard Case

YUNEEC E-GO Custom Skateboard Case comes in just one color and that color is a combo of orange and black. This longboard is both lightweight and durable and easy washable, meaning that if your YUNEEC E-GO Custom Skateboard Case gets dirty, you can clean it with no problem. Another super feature of this bag is that its interior space is suitable for all accessories, which means that you can easily put inside your charger, tools or even spare parts. To make sure that your YUNEEC E-GO Custom Skateboard Case does not slip away, this longboard bag has heavy-duty shoulder strap. Its material is 600D nylon fabric, which provides maximum resistance from water, rain or any other moisture influence. Dimensions of YUNEEC E-GO Custom Skateboard Case are 42x11x5 inches and it has weight of only two pounds. This longboard bag has earned outstanding five out of five stars on Amazon, which means that its users are more than satisfied. And if they are, I am sure that you will be satisfied too.

Buy YUNEEC E-GO Custom Skateboard Case. Maximum protection with small weight ensured!

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Easy To Carry: Whiptide Carve Board Travel Bag Carrying Case

This skateboard bag comes in black color and is made of nylon, which means that it is flexible and easy to carry. Second, even though it is a bit bigger and even though that it has three exterior pockets, two large and two small interior pockets, it is still lightweight bag. This means that even though this bag has a lot of pockets, it weigh only 2.1 pounds. Isn’t that cool or what? So many pockets in a big bag that is still light!

You can own a Whiptide Carve Board Travel Bag Carrying Case from Amazon today and see how simplicity combined with practical use can do a lot of magic.

In this article we talked about longboard bags. We said something about their characteristics (sizes, material that is mostly used when manufacturing a longboard bag, etc.) and we described three models that are considered as one of the best longboard bags that are there in the market. I hope that you learned something new and that this article will help you to decide which longboard bag to buy and which one do not.

Stay tuned for our next articles where we will talk another part of protective gear- longboard racks.