Best Longboard Backpacks Guide

Best Longboard Backpacks GuideHello! Welcome to another article about protective gear!

Last time we talked about longboard bags and this time we will talk about skateboard backpacks. Backpacks, as part of protective gear is not the same thing as a longboard bag and I know that we already talked about longboard bags, so you do not have to worry, they are not the ‘same thing’ and even though they are both meant for preserving rather than for protecting, they are still parts of protective gear.

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Explanation of the Factors

Well, backpacks are used for many things, but every backpack’s main purpose is to store certain items/and or objects within. We use backpacks in our everyday lives, we use them when we go to school for keeping our books, pencils and notebooks, we use them when we go picnic, when we go on a vacation, military guys use backpacks of all sizes for storing food, some extra ammo, maybe a packs of smoke, the point is that backpacks are almost inevitable in our lives. The best thing about them is that they are very convenient, practical and easy to use. Whether you need a small backpack for some simple things, or some big one, its purposes and use are the same. I personally love backpacks. They are great! Especially if you love to travel.

But if you want for your stuff to be preserved and not to be wet, dirty or damaged then it is important for you to have a high quality backpack. The one that will keep all of your precious items inside and in a state they were when you put them in. To have that, it is important to know which backpacks are better and which ones are lower-quality backpacks. Almost every backpack is made of some sort of plastic and/or nylon alloy, which grants them at least some degree of optimal protection plus they are easy to carry around. In most cases, the exact quality of a backpack depends on the exact material they are made of and even though you may think that if you buy the most expensive backpack that you solved all your problems and dilemmas concerning mobility, protection, longevity and space, that can easily be proven wrong, because high price does not necessarily means that something is the best that it can be. If you want really good, high quality backpack that will withstand any abuse, that will be resistant to scratches and everything that can damage its properties, then you want a backpack that is made of polyester. Most of the best backpacks are made of special nylon and/or polyester with combination of other alloys that simply must grant the best possible protection and together with its flexibility it guarantees that your backpack lasts long. Also, one other thing that is also important for a backpack is to be easily washable. You do not want from your backpack to be covered in stains and you surely do not want to get rid of your backpack just because you could not get rid of them. That is why it is important for a backpack to be easily washable and every backpack that I will discuss later is easy to wash. Do not worry, I only review the best that there is on the market.

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Best Longboard Backpacks List

Below is a list of one of the best skateboard backpacks available in the market, later we will pick our choice of backpacks that will make easy to choose the best of the best for us.

ImageCompany & Product NameMaterialAvailable In Different ColorsOverall Rating
ImageCompany & Product NameMaterialAvailable In Different ColorsOverall Rating
Element (Mohave Backpack)High Quality 600D PolysterYes4.8
Dakine (Mission Backpack)High Quality 600D PolysterYes4.7
Jansport (Superbreak Backpack)High Quality 600D PolysterYes4.5
Burton (Kilo Backpack)High Quality 600D PolysterYes4.8
Eastsport (Skater Backpack)High Quality 600D PolysterYes4.7
Everest (Griptape Backpack)High Quality 600D PolysterYes4.3
Vans (Skate Backpack)High Quality 600D PolysterYes4.0
Nike (Skateboard Backpack)High Quality 600D PolysterYes4.4
Dakine (Duel Backpack)High Quality 600D PolysterYes4.8

Our Choice of Best Longboard Backpacks

Below we will talk about several models of backpacks that are on the market. We will talk about their characteristics, material(s) they are made of, colors, their weight, etc.

Let’s continue then.

Highly Durable: Element Mohave Backpack

Element Mohave Backpack is a backpack made by Element and their models are available in several colors and sub-types. Immediately when you write ‘’Element Mohave Backpack’’ on Amazon search, you will see that there are bunch of Element Mohave backpacks available for you to choose. Element Mohave Backpacks are available in several sizes, but most of models are nineteen inches in height. Every Element Mohave backpack is made of polyester lining, is easily washable, which means that you can even wash them with your hands and that you do not need to worry about putting them in your washing machine. Most of all, every single Element Mohave Backpack is made of combination of high quality durable materials, which grants the best possible preservation of whichever items you have in it and from almost any abuse it can be. And it has weight of only 2.6 pounds. So, if you searched for a backpack that is sturdy, the one that will withstand every challenge combined with coziness and roominess in that case, Element Mohave Backpack is the right one for you!

Get your Element Mohave Backpack on Amazon today and enjoy ultimate protection combined with enough room for you to place everything you need inside!

Perfect For All Missions: Dakine Mission Backpack

Dakine Mission Backpack is a backpack made by Dakine. It is available for both women and men and in a variety of colors, from a common black to summer gravity and hunter’s trophy colors. Dakine Mission Backpacks are available in 25 L size, which means that this backpack is perfectly suitable for anything from laptops to snowboards. Every Dakine Mission Backpack is made of polyester, has padded laptop sleeve, padded waist belt and an adjustable sternum strap. It also has fleece lined goggle pocket. Altogether, Dakine Mission Backpack has four pockets, an interior slip, an interior zip, one exterior pocket and a removable strap drop. Dakine Mission Backpack is the best for transporting of your snow gear, so if you are a snowboarder, definitely consider buying one of these. Product dimensions are 8x21x11 inches and it has weight of 1.5 pounds. This item can only be shipped within the United States, which means that it is not eligible for international shipping. Five out of five stars on Amazon mean that Dakine Mission Backpack is a top quality backpack and that there is absolutely no reason for you not to try one for yourself.

Dakine Mission Backpack- a backpack best suited for snowboarders, but also for those that crave for sturdiness and protection.

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Best Of The Best: Jansport Superbreak Backpack

Jansport Backpacks are available in almost any color that there is. When you try to search for it, you will see that there are many Jansport Superbreak Backpacks available in more than ten colors.

But hey! Even though there are Jansport Super Break Backpacks in so many colors, altogether three thousand five hundred and thirty eight customers have reviewed them and these backpacks have earned an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This can only means that these longboard backpacks are appreciated by its users and it also means that customers have recognized it for its authenticity and a brand new design.

Jansport Superbreak Backpacks are straight cut, with padded shoulder straps and with one large main compartment. These backpacks also have front utility pocket with organizer that will keep your essentials handy and with 2/3 padded back pouch, which enables cushioning and comfort haul handle. The capacity of Jansport Superbreak Backpacks is 1550 cu/25L. Its weight is 0.34 kg and its dimensions are 16.7 inches x13 inches x 8.5 inches and it is made of fine 600 denier polyester. The shipping weight of Jansport Super Break Backpack is 10.01 ounces.

If you need medium capacity backpack combined with optimal protection and smaller size, choose Jansport Superbreak Backpack. Those two hundred and twenty three customers could not be wrong, right?

We have come to the end of yet another article about protective gear. I sincerely hope that you have learned something new and that this article will be of great help for you if and when you decide to buy a high quality backpack either for yourself or for your loved ones.

Stay tuned for our next articles! Until then, take care.