Which is the Best Freeride Longboard?

Before selecting best freeride longboard you have to understand what freeride actually means. For some people sliding or curising down a hill is freeriding. For many others riding at high speed is freeriding. Many will say going sideways at speed or bombing or drifting is freeride.  In my opinion it actually is a mix of different styles of longboarding such as carving, curising, sliding, bombing, jumping, or anything which generates fun. It also depends on a person choosing his comfortable styles and merging them to make his custom longboarding technique. It is believed that in European countries freeride longboarding exists for a very long time than any other region, but today it has become a very beloved and popular method of sport all over the globe.

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Freeriders apply their creativity to make it a fun sport for themselves, for instance they spin or switch their free ride longboards while riding, without even touching their hands on ground for balance. But, I recommend that you don’t do it until you have learnt the tactics and have become proficient in any technique. An important fundamental discipline of freeriding is to learn to balance the body on a freeride longboard and control speed. Sometimes this style could be very hazardous if one is not very much cautious and less preventive, and for your kind perusal it is important to know that professional surfers also use preventive wears for safety. Below I have mentioned that I think are the best freeride longboards, please go through it.

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Durability and Performance: Rayne’s Avenger

In terms of durability Rayne is also not behind and makes superb freeride longboards. This company comes under top 10 longboard manufacturers and boasts to make quality products for a long time. The build quality is topnotch with high quality bamboo and triaxial fiberglass. This board comes in somewhat pricey category and if you really want to invest in a good freeride longboard and interested in performance and durability then it will not disappoint you.

Build Quality and Performance: Landyachtz’s Drop Speed

Landyachtz is also there for a long time and also comes in top ten long board manufacturers. The company has a history of not compromising in the quality of their products and their expert team knows how to serve surfing lovers. Its Drop Speed is an awesome piece of speed board with an amalgamation of high quality Maple and Fiberglass body. The size of the board is also very standard and performance of this board wins all the stars. A highly recommended board for speed lover freeriders.

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Durability, Performance and Premium Quality: Original’s Apex 37 Double Concave

Original Skateboards is also a company that I appreciate very much and the reason is that this company does extensive research in making high quality longboards. Apex 37 clearly comes in expensive longboards category, but it is very, very, very durable and excellent performer. The quality is awesome and I recommend it for professionals. If you own it, it will be your friend for your whole life and that’s what I mean by durability.