Which is the Best Downhill Longboard?

Downhill longboarding has evolved from skateboarding and has journeyed long to come to its present state. It is a technique that encompasses racing downhill at fast speed. Speed of more than 70 mph is not a child’s play and needs a skilled skater to keep his longboard under control. Sometimes the turns on sloppy hills are very steep and maintaining balance and control is the most challenging task and if you are not attentive, accidents happen.

The primary step of downhill longboarding is to stand on the board and slide down on a sloppy hill or open road. Facing forward, the skaters bend their knees and crouch down; this technique includes standing in such position giving an aerodynamic form to your body which in return delivers unprecedented speed. Another variation of downhill longboarding is lying on the back on the deck’s platform and keeping the feet forward to achieve high speeds; this technique is comparatively easier and provides more control over the board.

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In the absence of preventive cautions, longboarding down the hills could be very dangerous and can cause serious injuries or even complete damage to the body. Even after so much danger involved this sporting technique is becoming very popular extensively. Utmost care is always comprehended in the form of preventive gears which includes leather jackets, helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads, good shoes, etc. Every year many competitions held around the globe in which skaters can participate and test their skills. If you are a beginner, learn the basics first and grow from there, who knows, maybe you will become the next winner.

I have chosen three downhill longboards for you; I am impartial in advising these because I want to help people seeking help about longboarding and I want to recommend only those longboard brands that genuinely are the best in their particular technique. Here is my list.

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Stability and Control: Landyachtz’s The Evo

Landyachtz’s The Evo is a very stable and good performing longboard. Its size is pretty standard that helps in maintaining balance even at greater speeds and steep turns. It has records of excellence in pro competitions and has proved to be a complete winner. The build quality in Canadian Maple plies is excellent and it makes the deck long lasting and durable, in terms of price value it is a bit expensive than other styles of longboards, if you are a beginner then you should start with cheaper boards with good quality and if you are a skilled surfer then you might be good aware that it is worth paying for this awesome performer.

Pure Performance: Rayne’s Demonseed 2014

Rayne’s Demonseed 2014 is a real demon in terms of performance and its key feature is that it is has more stability due to its size. It is longer than its colleagues in my list on homepage. I like this board very much and want to say that it might not achieve that speed which a shorter board may get, but it provides more stability and control that is also a part of downhill longboarding basics. The build quality is very professional and it gets attention due to its looks.

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Speed and Built Quality: Gravity Board’s M3

M3 is an excellent performer and proves itself to be a speed board that would be able to provide thrills. It is a short sized longboard which has admirable looks and fantastic built quality. Skilled professionals are very fond of this board and it will continue to be a winner in the competitions. It is a pricey product for beginners, but if you are a pro it is worth your money.