What are the Best Dancing Longboards?

Longboard dancing is an advanced old school trick which is meant for skilled or professional longboarders. It allows a skater to be creative and combine different features of surfing, freeriding, longboard flipping, board walking, skateboarding or whatever a surfer finds comfortable. Due to its advanced nature it is quite different from regular skateboarding, but combines creative moves, styles and different longboarding techniques, these group of features makes it very popular globally.

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Two passionate longboard surfers Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski amalgamated various elements of many longboarding techniques in a creative new form and named it longboard dancing. Both these guys made some tricks which are as under

  1. The first trick which is known as “Chop the Wood” includes placing a piece of wood on the road and kicking it with the foot.
  2. The second trick is known as “The Lookback”, it includes a sudden change in your direction while riding your board.
  3. The third is “Spin Big” which includes spinning your board 180 degrees while spinning your body 360 degrees.
  4. The fourth trick is known as “Cross-Stepping” it consists of moving forward and backward with the help of cross legs on your longboard, this trick makes your longboarding experience better and the more you do it the better you become at surfing.
  5. The fifth trick is known as “The Shanker” which is a jump performed by pressing the foot down on the nose of the board without the help of take-off ramp.
  6. The sixth trick is known as “Walk the Plank” which is very similar to cross-stepping; the only difference is that you walk up or down your board without crossing your legs.
  7. The seventh trick is known as “G-Turn Variation” which includes spinning your longboard like kickturn in which the front wheels of your board are off the ground and you turn your body while jumping in the air.

Longboard dancing is a fun trick and because of the above included tricks it has gained its popularity and it will continue to be liked by new and advanced longboarders. Because of the play performed on the dancing longboard this technique could turn to be risky and demands proper safety. Always use safety wears particularly helmet, your head is the most delicate part of your body and if you fall while longboarding, it is quite prone to hit the ground, helmets always proves to be good safety guards. Keeping all those tricks in mind that I mentioned above, it is my responsibility to help you select the best longboards for dancing and here is my choice.

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Affordability and Performance: Sector 9’s Super Tubes Complete

The first thing with Super Tubes longboard is that it is quite affordable and proves itself to be a good dancing longboard. It comes in complete model, you can build your custom longboard too if you want, then you have to do a bit of a research like visiting a longboard shop and finding the best trucks, wheels and bearings for your decks. This will be an extra effort, but is worth if you are a custom board lover. In the future posts we will also help you find good products and build custom longboards.

Coming back to Super Tubes, it has bigger kicks for more pop and due to this feature it is an outstanding longboard for dancing; usually large sized decks are used for longboard dancing tricks. The material of the longboard deck is premium quality Maple Ply that makes it very durable. It has proved itself an excellent performer in professional competitions and will continue in the future.

Flexibility and Stability: Rayne’s Supreme Complete

Rayne’s Flow series Supreme is more for less and is superb for freestyle and freeride techniques. This longboard also has bigger kicks, thus it is good for more pop. It has three stage rockers which helps locking your feet naturally when you bend your knees while on the board; it helps in spinning your board more easily. Its new concave design called ‘Mean Cave’ hugs your feet well that gives you both pockets and gas pedals, provides stability and helps you in a comfortable ride. It is a very stiff board of firm and flexible fiberglass with excellent scratch proof laminated artwork on the deck.

It is a good lengthy board, perfect for dancing tricks. If you are just starting, you might find it a bit pricey, but for a skilled pro, with so many features it is worth the price.

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Speed and Durability: Arbor’s Timeless Reclaimed Complete

Arbor has taken strong steps to be environmental friendly and if you buy its Timeless Reclaimed Complete it will be your friend forever. It is made of premium quality sustainable maple ply and reclaimed wood that makes it quite durable; you will love this for sure. It is a quite lengthy board that makes performing cruising and dancing tricks easy and comfortable. It has Arbor’s 72 mm wheels and ABEC 5 bearings so you can enjoy good speed rides. It is a mid-priced longboard, might not be good for beginners, but pro skaters won’t miss it.