Which is the Best Carving Longboard?

Before finding best carving longboard you should have a fair understanding about carving technique. It is an advanced technique that comes with experience and is tough for a beginner to learn very rapidly. It means that any style or technique of longboarding comes naturally with time, hard work and an urge to learn. Carving technique is exciting and an essential part of longboarding that allows a surfer control his speed while travelling. Speed control is very important because unlike snowboards or skateboards, longboards pickup speed very quickly and could be hazardous if one does not know the basics. A good surfer leans his board left and right making an “S” or curvy shape and transfers his body weight appropriately along the board that slows down the excelling speed.

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Beginning with Carving

When you are a beginner it is important to first learn the basics. Once the basics are clear it becomes easy to learn advanced longboarding tricks quickly. I always say safety is the best policy, you must be sure to wear helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. I have seen many beginners fall on their head and get bad injuries due to carelessness. I am not demotivating you, but guiding you to take care of your invaluable body. Always start in somebody’s guidance and in wide parking or safe street areas. In the beginning learn to stand and balance your body first on the board following with starting and stopping the board. After some practice in the street find some sloppy areas and practice there. You can get speed while standing on the board by pushing off your back foot. By bending your knees you can make sure it is the best way to stand on a board. Learn to shift your weight sometimes on the toe of your foot and sometimes on the heel. With practice you will learn toe and heal carving and always stop when you think you are gaining too much speed. After toe and heal carving you have to learn to shift your weight on left and right edge of the board. You can find a lot of good beginner videos to learn the carving technique online.

Best Carving Longboards

Usually concave boards are used for carving purpose because they give speed and balance at the same time. To take full advantage of carving technique good longboards must be chosen otherwise it becomes difficult to manage between speed and balancing. Below you can find three best longboards for carving of my choice, I have hand-picked these because in my opinion one is best in terms of affordability and performance, the second one, though is almost in the same price range, is smaller in size but the build quality and performance is just amazing, a value for money for speed loving surfers. The third one however is a bit pricey but has topnotch premium quality and performance wise it is undoubtedly one of the best found among expensive class of carving boards.

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Affordability and Performance: Arbor’s Timeless Pin Koa

Arbor is a well-known name in longboarding, its carve collection has some very nice longboards and Timeless Pin Koa is a very good performer in its class. The look and build quality is premium and it can be a good choice for tall people. The only thing it lacks is that its size is a bit long and if you are a starter it would not be your choice of longboard. It is meant for advanced surfers and could give amazing results if you opt for carving and cruising. The price of the complete longboard is quite affordable and if, this season you are planning to buy a good carving longboard then you can boast by owning Timeless Pin Koa that will enhance your performance indeed.

Affordability and Speed: Gravity & Larry Bertlemann’s Circa

Larry Bertlemann has collaborated with Gravity boards in making this awesome performer namely Circa. The strength of this board is its sweet and cute short size that makes it a speed machine. Due to its size it is quicker in steep turns and obstacles in its path can be dodged with ease. The build quality in Hardrock Maple is just remarkable and makes it a Premium Quality board. Price is also just right, may be a bit pricey for some surfers, but if you opt for a good carving longboard then this one is going to get your love forever.

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Premium Build and Topnotch Performance: Original Skateboard’s Apex 34 AV Rocker Concave

In the pricey tag boards falls Original Skateboard’s Apex 34 AV Rocker Concave, a very lengthy name, a very good performer, but not very lengthy board. No doubt it is quite expensive but if you are planning to own an actual premium quality board, it will give you a feeling to be the owner of one of the finest carving longboards, also performance wise it is not behind any top rated Cruisers. I recommend this carving board for advanced surfers with deep pockets and don’t recommend it for beginners and people looking for affordable longboards.