What are the Best Bamboo Longboards?

Longboarding is gaining popularity every day and more and more people are leaning towards this exciting sport. Longboarding is comparatively easier to learn, you just have to make up your mind, select your longboard, buy it, learn the basics and start playing with it. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled pro, whatever style you want to choose, whatever technique you are interested in, if you know what you want, the good news is that there are wonderful longboards available at your price.

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Longboards mostly come in three types of materials Maple, Bamboo and Carbon Fiber. All these materials have different features for instance Maple is tough and rigid and gives your board a rock solid construction, but is pretty heavy. Bamboo is light in weight and flexible in nature and used to construct carving and cruising longboards, its lightweight makes transportation easier. Carbon Fiber is durable, tough and lightweight, but expensive than other materials. If speed is your concern, Carbon fiber longboards will give you that kick start; usually professional skaters choose it to ride smoothly and speedily at turns and slopes.

Usually concave longboards are used for carving and cruising purposes and you will find that Bamboo, Maple and Carbon Fiber boards come in concave, convex and flat shapes and also in different sizes and various material qualities.  It has brought us to an area that creates confusion and needs a detailed discussion. Thus, in separate articles I will try to give details about different shapes and sizes of longboards and their uses. I will also explain to you what longboard you should choose according to your need. For the time being it is good to understand that you should select a concave board if speed is your concern and choose a flat deck if you want stability. Below I am listing three completes of my choice that I think are one of the best bamboo longboards available in the market today.

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Affordability and Performance: Quest’s Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Complete

Quest’s Super Cruiser is a light weight, beautiful cruising bamboo longboard and its biggest advantage from the view point of a buyer is that it is a very cheap longboard that fits their pocket, but at the same time its construction is high quality that gives impression of a premium class product. It is meant for beginners and pro skaters for cruising down the streets or going to college. It is a long deck of 44 inches by 10 inches and is made of high quality Bamboo and some mix of Maple and comes with awesome abstract graphics. The construction of the pre-fitted 7 inches trucks is rugged aluminum and has 70mm soft and durable wheels with smooth ball bearings. Its top quality components make it a durable and excellent performing longboard that is good to ride and smooth to push, you will be thankful to it and love it forever.

Affordability and Strength: Krown’s Krex 2 Bamboo Pintail Complete

Krown’s Krex 2 is a pintail flexible longboard and has high quality Bamboo and Maple core construction. It is a lengthy board of 43 inches with a wheelbase of 28 inches and is 9 inches wide. It is a quite flexible board meant for carving and cruising riders looking for strength and stiffness. It is supported by tough 7 inches aluminum trucks with 71 mm soft wheels and has smooth speed bearings. The top of the board is coated with long-lasting transparent varnish that gives strength to it and makes the board easily cleanable. The price value of this board is very affordable for the beginners and professionals and its pintail shape makes it an excellent performer and superb ride.

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Flexibility and Performance: Loaded’s Dervish Sama Flex 3 Complete

The Dervish Sama is a carving and cruising Bamboo longboard that has been a people’s favorite for a long time. With every updated version it comes with added new features and gives awesome surfing experience. It is a lengthy board of almost 43 inches with a wheelbase of 31.5 inches. This size makes it a quite stable performer at higher speeds. Its deck is better concave and a bit wider than the early versions of its predecessors. The added width in this new version gives comfortable locking of the feet on the standing platform. The preinstalled 180mm Black trucks are very rigid, the Orangatang 75mm 80A wheels are high quality and durable enough to bear roughness of the streets and extreme weather conditions and fitted SL Abec 5 bearings are very smooth. Its flexibility has also been improved to provide smooth rides at steep turns. It may be an expensive longboard for a new comer, but quite productive and good value for money for a pro and skilled skater.